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    Hahaha vap, I know right? Creates another account to come in here and like her comments and defend her. I wonder just how many accounts she has? a spy in a few tribes for sure ;) ;)

    LOL LIAR. I have left 3 tribes because you guys farm them and they couldn't do anything about it. One of them had a nap with veda and all. Your time will come though, just like every alliance that is full of liars :)

    Welcome to the mighty tribe of Vedanta Union. Ruled by the grace and honour of loyal members. War is not always the only way to conquer and expand. This tribe is not only protecting and supporting its own, we also have a highly form of democracy in the ways of warfare and other problemsolved areas. Everybody will have part and a vote for all strategies that may be executed in this tribe. There is only one rule for the tribe members, NEVER make enemies for fun or become a bully. This empire fights together and for a higher purpose. And if this rule is not followed.. it will be seen as treason towards the tribe and the member will be excluded and become our enemy.(Attack on Inactive and Barbarian cities is allowed of course)

    We are a NON aggressiv tribe (except in defence)
    Yeah, we all smell this BS from a mile away! This bunch of clowns skulks around claiming to be non aggressive, yet ALWAYS attacks people. Why not show a little integrity and say it like it is... We think we are the S*%/ and will attack when we like, and claim you started it when you retaliate.