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    No I personally do NOT think that the instances raised by me WAS or IS pushing. But quite a few other players think this is the case and that is why I brought it to the attention of the DEVS. In the Chichen Itza server two players are constantly moving troops between one another but as you say it is NOT illegal as I am sure both players do have the correct research levels to host the troops concerned.

    The ONLY thing I am yearning for is the TAMBO upgrade so if I do bang on about that I am sorry but it was said to be not that far away when I started on MAYAPAN and now 2 more servers later there is no update on if it is weeks away or months away or a year away. THAT is my frustration. V few players want to donate their troops to others as a lot of trust is involved in doing that.

    To stop an attacker looting your resources if you queue up as many upgrades as you can even if it does not show that the resources are being used up in the queue are the queued resources safe from the attack?

    What constitutes pushing?

    Some of us have been noticing that players are constantly exchanging troops with one another.
    By doing this each player's rank is changing on a regular basis.
    So as an example Player A is lower ranked than Player B at one point in time and then when Player B sends troops to Player A their rank goes up. Player A then uses these troops to attack other players and then sends the troops back to Player B and then of course Player B is higher ranked. The two players MIGHT argue that since the troops exchanged are the same it is not pushing. BUT the fact remains that if Player A did NOT get troops from Player B they would not be able to attack in the first place.

    I guess this issue would never arise if each player had control of his/her own troops and the ranks did not change with the transfer of troops from one another.

    Anyway please comment as some players think that what is happening is not fair. What really IS happening is that Player A is using the troops to attack other players and then re-housing his troops with the higher ranked player who is not attacking anyone and so is able to use a P Marker to keep the troops safe until Player A gets back online and then sends the Troops back. It is also possible that Player A is sending resources to Player B so he/she can make more troops for Player A and then transfer a larger quantity of troops to Player A.

    Thanks for all the updates Gaviotta.
    Will you go back and add the seperate posts for each section under the MAIN FAQ by section once it is all done and then sticky it please

    When you get the FAQ done can you please consider setting up a gloabl message in all the Servers telling the players about it so they can register on the Forum Boards and read about it.

    In all 3 servers I play I will post a link to the FAQ on the Tribe wall.

    I have to respectfully disagree about letting players transfer troops once the TAMBO is implemented. I never said you were NOT going to update the TAMBO but priority-wise that would be the most requested or talked about thing in the Tribes I am in. NO ONE weants to transfer troops to one another in the Tribes I am in. Also many are unable to defend against a v strong player who is making a habit of attacking other players and the others have no recourse to hit back as they others are not wiolling to 'donate' troops for defending this player as they are concerned that the attacker will be more powerful than all of the defenders combined. They dont see the attack so they dont know what troops are being sent in the attack. So they are dependant on the defender telling them what the forces are attacking them.

    It will be interesting to see how you will solve this problem once the TAMBO is fully featured. One would think in a group defence situation all defenders will have to see the attack coming so they have the option of withdrawing their troops if they feel that they will lose the attack.

    Another question is if once the TAMBO is fully featured will the attacker be attacking the TAMBO? And if so if one raises the level of the TAMBo does it become stronger or is it that for each rise in level of TAMBO more defenders or more troops can be housed in the TAMBO.

    it might well be that the DEVS have not worked this out as yet and if so I fully understand as getting the TAMBO fully working might be no easy task.

    It is very heartening to see a FAQ Gaviotta.
    I am not sure how much you are going to detail here.
    I know in the various Servers I play on so many newer players have been asking so many questions that a WIKI would be very usefulo and if I am allowed to do so I would be very happy to help with a wiki. I am sure others would also.
    I have helped set up a WIKI for similar game.

    amber stones ae what you are missing. You can get one per day by attacking a barb camp and winning the battle 0r else you can buy them from the shop

    Tambo and joint attacks/defense: Possibly the most requested feature so far. Currently you can "transfer" or "donate" troops to another player, but you can't for instance share temporarily your troops to defend an ally and recall them back after a battle. The Tambo building was meant to address this, but had to be delayed for technical reasons up until now.

    The sooner the above is implemented the better as many in our Tribe are complaining often and loudly about the fact that we cannot attack a player as a group without 'donating' troops to another player. V few like this idea about 'donating' troops as they feel by doing this they lose control of their troops.

    I have mentioned this elsewhere but the DEVS just do NOT see how the 'donate' feature can be so easily abused.


    In these games there is the possibility that some player from another Tribe will infiltrate your tribe. This 'spy' gains the trust of the tribe and says he/she will attack a player and asks others in the Tribe to send him/her the troops. So they do this. Then that player leaves that Tribe. What can the members who donates their troops do?? Nothing. They have lost their troops. Simply ridiculous.


    We all give a player troops so he can attack another player. That player falls asleep gets attacked and loses all the troops. What can the player who donated troops do then? Nothing!

    By the way with respect to Scenario 2 even in a group defend situation this can happen so it is a buyer beware situation.

    But SCENARIO 1 is not at all fair on players.

    MOHO the BETA Server is NOT a TEST Server like it should be it has become just another server. The speed and the way it works is great and that should form the basis for a speed server for the future. But my issue with the BETA Server is that on the forum there has been v few posts. I posted today about my thoughts about the BETA Server. I am getting attacked by some player daily but in my years of BETA game testing that sort of thing does not happen!! A BETA Server is not just another Server it is meant to be for testing a feature or features the DEVS want to implement. IF the new features were tested there then it was not ever posted there and I for one never tested it as I/we were not asked to. So what is the point of the BETA server and why would one want to 'play' there. I just do not understand.

    How soon before an attack lands does the defender get notified there is an attack inbound?

    As a corollary to the above question, IF someone launches an attack that is 15 hours away from landing and in that time the defender gets an attack protection will the attack still go ahead especially if the defender has no idea he is under attack?

    Thanks for the information about the latest updates.
    I think these updates will make the game a better experience for all.
    I will see what impact it will have on the game on the BETA Server.

    Now a question.
    How far away is the TAMBO update please? Are there technical issues stopping this being able to be implemented soon?
    I am not at all keen on the "Transfer troops" feature and once the TAMBO is fully featured I hope the ability to "Transfer troops" will stop.

    Many have noticed that a player's rank goes up and down based on them using the "Transfer troops" function. it seems taht they "Transfer troops" so that they can attack lower rnked players. I am not sure that is quite right or fair.