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    I am not sure if this is a new feature or not but I have been told that once you attack another player you are not able to invoke a protection mode once your troops are back. This is a very good idea. I highly commend this. But how long does one have to wait before being able to invoke the protection mode after an attack? That would be good to know. Also am I right in assuming that one cannot invoke pacific mode after an attack also?

    THanks for taking the time to get back to me

    M0H0 the issue I have is this.

    From a cost benefit viwpoint it takes a lot of resources research and so on to be able to even recruit an Ek Chuah.

    Also by the time you are able to recruit a Ek Chuah you should hae been able to build way more than 4000 Bowman.

    So if one knows that less than 4000 bowman will defeat an Ek Chuah why would you recruit an Ek Chuah?

    Given the cost difference in building an Ek Chuah in my opinion it should not be able to defeat an Ek Chuah unless a Tribe Group Attacked it. Of course at the moment the TSMOB is not featured for group attacks but that is another issue.

    Also if I follow the battle Mechanics you have given the collective strength of the Bowman is not more than the Stamina of the Ek Chuah. Also it shows that a wall level of 50 is a total waste of time as it did nothing to stop the bowman.

    In my opinion from a cost benefit viewpoint it makes no sense to build a wal any higher than wall level 12 or so as once it loses just one level the attacker has effect in fact breached the defenders defences.

    After wall level 10 you dont need a higher wall for any other game related esearch or builds so again from a cost benefit viewpoint why build a wall any higher than 11?

    Attention Devs and Players with Experience.

    Could someone explain how this can be.

    I have been doing some Battle Sims to work out of Certain Warriors are more cost effective than others and if it is better to think of certain Warriors as defensive units as opposed to attacking units.

    In MAYAPAN since I can now recruit a Ek Chuah Warrior I decided to do a battle sim to work out what it would take to beat it and this is what I found.

    It only takes 4292 Holcan Bowman.

    How can that be?????

    Also in the attack the attacker only loses 518 Bowman.

    I attacked with 4292 bowman and nothing else.

    I did not add any other stats for the attacker in the Battle Sim stats.

    For the Defender I insered the following:

    1 x Ek Chuah
    Underground Cave > Level 18
    Wall > level 50
    Temazcal > level 2
    Dwarf Pyramid > level 1
    Stele > Level 3
    Engineering > Level 17
    Goldsmith Art > Level 9

    It makes no sense and if I understand how the battle mechanics work iit makes even less sense.

    Am I missing something?

    If the above is correct from a Cost Benefit viewpoint why would anyone ever want to build a Ek Chuah

    Kat, The Devs might not see this post for awhile.
    To contact them directly do the following:

    When you are on this board look to the Top.
    There will be your log in name then a Title called Notifications and then a Title called Conversations.
    Click on Conversations.
    That will bring up a Drop Box with the Titles:
    No More Conversations
    Show All Conversations and
    New Conversation.

    Click on New Conversation.

    That will bring up a new screen

    Under Details will be Subject and under that a Box to type Text.

    Type your Subject there.

    Below that Will be The title Participants twice.
    Below the 2nd Title Participants will be a box to tpe text

    Type M0H0 as you type it there will be a pop up with his name so click on that then insert a comma and type Gaviotta. Again as you type Gaviotta her name will pop up so click on that.

    Then Scroll Down to the Messages area and type your message to them.

    Finally scroll down and click on SUBMIT.

    That should get their attention.

    Good Luck

    I am in total agreement with Bud and also all of what TerraG has said.
    What I say might carry not much weight given I got banned for a misdemeanor which was not small but I took the punishment and I hope what I say is taken in the spirit meant which is to try and make this game more playable for different playing styles.

    In addition to Terras suggestions I will also make the suggestinon - again - the ability for Tribes to engage in WARS with a Tribe being given a Win/Loss Ratio. When a tribe engages in a war there being a point limit to be reached in destroyed troops and once those points are reached that Tribe wins that war. This will lessen individual players getting attacked by a more dominant player just because he can do so and the more attacking layers will band together in Tribes to get the points. The above scenario could be further enhanced with players getting kill points that is a function of the ranking system. Tribe sizes must have a maximum limit for sure.

    I await with interest Terra's other suggestions.

    Thanks for getting back to me. My comments re the 3rd Server is a reflection on what the players in the Tribe I am in on MAYAPAN and UXMAL have said. Some of us will play on the 3rd server but having played many similar games the players often balk at new servers/worlds. Both MAYAPAN and UXMAL are young and UXMAL has not had the 'fun' that MAYAPAN had while the RR Tribe was there.

    So a THird Server seems premature in the opinion of a fair few players.

    Personally I think the game is too young to have a third server.

    This game is still in its infancy and not fully featured - for example the TAMBO is still not featured.

    It would have been better if some major updates had been done and then a third server introduced.

    Having a 3rd server now will only dilute the two existing servers.

    It would be good to know a time frame for any of what has been posted by M0H0 in his post Tentlan updates and if any of those changes were imminent then starting a thrid server is a bit understandeble.

    Personally, I would have hope that Tribe numbers are limited on the thrid server and that the TAMOB is featured and players are NOT allowed to 'donate' troops to another player and then have them sent back.

    As an addendum to my initial post I am also well aware of how Tribes can get around regulating Tribe numbers.

    I have seen this happen over and over in games similar to this that I have played.

    What has happened is that once a Tribe gets too big the Founder divides the Tribes into offshoots with the most active or the highes ranked players in that Tribe in the main Tribe and then the others in sub tribes including so called Training Tribes.

    Then what also happens is that if a Sub Tribe is coming under attack the players from the Main Tribe migrate to the sub tribe that is under attack and then go back to where they came from once the attacks finish.

    This sort of tactic is more prevalent in games where WARS can be declared and a Tribe can accumulate WAR POINTS. As an aside declared WARS are not a bad thing as then instead of Tribes attacking one another willy nilly and players getting upset here two Tribes go to war against one another and they agree on a point scheme. Say for every warrior one loses one loses a point and so one declares a WAR with 20,000 points at stake. Once one Tribe gets to 20,000 points they win that War and a Tribe has a WAR win/loss statistic that details how many wars they have won or lost. Those players that do not want to participate in the WAR are asked to leave the Tribe for the duration of the WAR.

    Getting back to my main point, in other similar games where sub tribes do exist the DEVS have stopped the abiliy of players to Tribe jump back and forth by making it a rule that once you go from one Tribe to another they cannot move back to the original tribe for 1 month. But of course they can join a 3rd Tribe or else even go Tribe-less.

    is it possible for a Founder of a Tribe to hand over the Tribe to another player and leave?
    If so how do they go about it?
    I kow a FOUNDER has a right to disband a Tribe but it would be better for there to be a way for another Tribe member to be made a Leader without a Tribe having to be disbanded if the majority of the Tribe wants to stay as is.
    Also if a Tribe leadfer goes AWOL or missing how does one kick him/her out?
    I suspect that in this instance the members all have to leave the Tribe and form a new one under another Founder. Is this correct?

    I am posting this here as it is not a Server specific issue.
    My personal view is that Tribe sizes need to be limited.
    Until recently in UXMAL there was one tribe that had at one stage nearly 300 members.
    That was 10% of the whole game population.
    If they wanted to they could have dominated the server and for quite some time there was that threat.
    I dont think that is good for a 'young' game.

    The DEVS might be taking a look and see attitude to this.
    They might well say in the fullness of time large Tribes will prive unwieldy and they will reduce in size by way of attrition and they could pont the finger at what has happened recently on UXMAL.

    Be that as it may I am wondering if Tribes should self regulate themselves so we all agree on a given size limit.

    I am thinking of a number that is either 50 75 or a 100.
    Maybe we draw a limit at a 100 and then attrition will get it down to 75.

    Any thoughts very welcome.