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    pvp you would have a high drop out rate server would die within a week join a tribe and attack no tribe wants war because it would lead to a server merge

    I am not sure that PvP per se will cause players to drop out in high numbers. But if one LARGE Tribe does dominate a server then there is an opportunity for players to drop out. Even a small v GOOD Tribe can cause problems as happened in the MAYAPAN Server but there the issue was that this ONE Tribe knew the game battle mechanics better than others having played on another language server that had been running for longer. It really is upto each Tribe to keep their Tribe cohesive but often what happenes is that each player is too busy looking after themselves that they dont see the bigger picture until they get up the ranks.

    One ahs to give thjis game to develop a bit more and see where it is headed to see what the outcomes will be.

    Hi Bluwinghawk, Zuma has had issues playing on both servers. It could be a cache issue. I ahve had issues too.

    For one thing you do have to register for each server you play seperately.

    I am using the same email address, name and even password for both MAYAPAN and UXMAL.

    So what I do is log into each server on a different TAB on my BROWSER ( I am using FIREFOX as I have had error messages crop up when playing on Chrome) and then bookmark each server. Then I log into either server on different TABS. Sometimes this does not seem to work right and I find myself logged onto the one server on both TABS. If this happens what I would do is log out from ONE server on one TAB. TO do this look to the top right and click on the 85% circle with a straight line icon. Once logged out make sure you are on the server you want to be by choosing it from the drop down menu and choosing it. Then go to the other TAB and see if you are on the other server. Sometimes you get logged out of that TAB. So re-log in on that one making sure you are ont eh other server on that TAB. I have found that once I do this a coup,e of times at most the two TABS are on seperate servers.

    Hope this helps

    M0H0, in many games I play similar to this there is a server clock showing in-game. It does help in timing an attack and withdrawing an attack at the last minute. If one is only relying on one's computer clock one can make a mistake and I do realise that in-game it does show how long before an attack lands but having a server clock also allows one to see if there was an issue with the time and then report it. Here I am thinking of a player losing an attack at the last second and wondering of there was an error in the time to land. An opponent might not be willing to tell the attacker that he saw the attack and timed a troop transfer to come back in the nick of time. So it can act as a checking measure when reporting a possible 'bug'.

    Hi M0H0,

    I can see your point but it does seem that the player base is not aware of this. They apply to join a tribe, the Tribe Leader or Administrator accepts the request and then the player does not join and many have told me that is because they assumed they had not been aceepted. It could be that this is because the newer players dont check their messages or dont know how to do so. What messge does the player get to say they have been accepted to Tribe X for example.

    I have noticed that when players ask to join a tribe and it is accepted they do not automatically get added to the tribe. I find this rather odd. IF players are trying to in more than ONE tribe that should not be allowed I dont think and once they send a request and the request is accepted by that Tribe then they should be added to that Tribe. I do realise that if a Tribe is trying to recruit players and if the player concerned has not built a Tribe Council then they cannot accept the Invite but if so it would be good for that Tribe recruiter to get a message saying that the player cannot join a Tribe due to the fact that he/she has not built a Tribal Council.

    Hi :) and welcome to the Board/Forum!!
    It needs some livening up.
    It has gone very quiet.

    The first English Server is still going but not sure how active it is and maybe the DEVS (M0H0 and Gaviotta) would like to comnent on this. I also do not know if the DEVS have an end time in mind for a world/server but if they do it would be good to know.

    Some games allow worlds/servers to be merged but how this would work I have no idea and I don't think that would be very popular.

    Actually both MAYAPAN and UXMAL are very young game-wise.

    What would be good to know is when the next updates will be rolled out and what these will be.

    You have to send an email to support or PM (Private Message) M0H0 or Gaviotta.
    To PM M0H0 or Gaviotta do as follows:
    Look to the top of the screen when in this forum.
    You will see your name and next to that a Title saing Notifications and next to that a Title saying Conversations.
    Click on Conversations and then there will be a drop down menu that appears and from that click on New Conversation.
    Then a new area appears.
    Enter a Title to the conversation - say like - computer sharing or shared internet.
    Then in add participants type M0H0 then comma then Gaviotta. If you have typed their names correctly as you type them their name will appear in a drop down area so yo can pick that name as well.

    Then you can type a mesage to them in the message area.
    That is the best and easiest way to contact them it seems to me.

    I cant remember the email address for Supporrt unfortunately off the top of my head

    I asked this very same question and it would b e good to se the server clock while in your City and when in world mode but M0H0 did not seem to see a need for it. I assume the server clock is set to UTC + 1. I stand to be corrected.

    Spy on a lvl 4 barb camp. They are all the same unless they have been attacked.
    Then input that information to the battle simulator and sim it with what you got. There are posts on the boards about what can beat a LVL 4 Barb camp but since the battle mechanics were updated after those posts they might not work. Well they should NOT work. So using the Battle Sim will show you the mose economical way to attack a lvl 4 barb camp. I doubt if at this stage of the game many players have the ability = warrior numbers to attack a lvl 4 barb camp without losing a lot of warriors so making the attack not cost effective.

    It's maybe me but I can't understand why this would be needed. Surely if two players don't wish to attack each other they simply don't do it? I guess I'm missing something - it wouldn't be the first time!

    Well yes one could not attack one another but this also allows one to group defend a player who is not in your TRIBE.

    Is it possible to set up an option where a player can add another player as a buddy in-game.
    The idea behind this is that if someone is a buddy then one cannot attack that player. This is in effect a personal non-aggression pact. Even if two Alliances are at war with one another if two players on opposing camps are buddies then the would not be able to attack each other.

    Also this will allow someone to protect one's Buddy by protecting them in an attack by sending troops to their Tambo (once the Tambo feature is developed).

    I do assume that a player cannot attack a fellow tribe member.

    I don't quite like the way the Tribe Chat/Wall is set up.
    It would be good to be able to have important messages stickied and so on.
    Of course an Tribe could set up a forum/board off game.
    What I am wondering is that since there is a board in the game anyway could each TRIBE be allocated an area that is Password protected by Alliance that allows them to communicate with fellow Tribe members and the get rid of the existing Tribe Wall.
    If doing this affects the game server bandwidth and is unweildy I understand. If so then I would like the existing Tribe Wall changed so we can sticky messages.

    There aseems to be an issue in being logged onto both servers. well for me anyway. But after a couple of tries it seems to be ok for now.

    What happened was that when I logged onto MAYAPAN and then on a new TAB (I am using firefox by the way) I logged onto the new server I got logged out of MAYAPAN on the other TAB and weas logged onto the new one on that TAB also. But now it seems to have settled after logging in and out of each server a couple of times on each TAB

    Also will there be a toggle option in each server so one can jump from one server to the other if one is playing on both servers?

    I did notice an icon showing at one stage on the MAYAPAN server to the left of the icon that takes one to the board/forum but that indicated that one was on the MAYAPN server but that icon has since dissapeared. If that was a test to allow players to move from one server to the other I hope it is re-instated or made available once the new server comes online

    Mad Dog though I am no big fan of new servers being added arbitrarily in this case it is warrented I think. it will help players start at a more even playing field.

    In many other games I have played the players complain about server after server being started but then they play.

    They could easily start a speed server also.

    But I hope they don't do that yet.

    My hopes are that they roll out the TAMBO update next and as soon as possible and also at the same time stop movement of troops willy nilly between players. Hopefully this can happen before players get far in the new server to further help equalise the playng field.

    There might be players who want to give up on the MAYAPAN Server and start again on the new server.

    If they choose to do this can they transfer the Turquoise they have acquired in MAYAPAN to the new server?

    I hope that is the case the Turquoise is player specific after all.