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    To the subject of your message does not have any relationship.I meant that you sat in our tribe as a spy.If this offended you,then that's your problem.

    Yes I admit to being a spy, with one account which is breaking no rules.
    As for my message it is about your tribe making the game pointless. That's the whole point of this thread. Or did you not bother to read the first post?

    if we see players breaking the rules . we inform the admin. Splashing it all over the forums is not the way to go.

    i haven't been vocal like you have, i declared shared internet and just put up my first complaint. but i don't fully agree with what you said. I would love if that would fix things, if we could just report a player and it would be taken care of, but it won't. You have two little girls, every time russian roulette opens their mouth their insulting them, and me, and every other girl. I was 'on their side' (as far as they knew) and i was still constantly insulted by them. I have reported things, and the admins have certainly noticed and given plenty or warnings, but i'm not going to spend my time and money to be insulted. Would you? I'm not staying much longer if this continues.

    Tell that to Ciara.

    He has? It's no insult to me, especially after how your alliance speaks. Trust me, if I'd come out with sexist comments against men I would probably have been banned. If I had said "men with half a brain are gifted" or something along those lines, then maybe someone might give a little more than a warning about sexism. Most moderators etc are men, on most games, not just tentlan. If they were so constantly insulted because of your sex I wonder if the people saying these things would get more than a few warnings. Trust me, I was in these peoples alliance. It was scarce to see a single insult without a dig at women (yet they knew I was there, I'd hate to see what they say when no girls are around!). And glad to see it hasn't stopped. Warnings clearly aren't working.