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    Good afternoon to all players and Tentlan team aswell.
    I´m writing this post due to fact I could´t find a way to PM Gaviotta and ask him personally.

    Here is what I´m going to ask.
    I´m currently playing on Czech server Mayapan and a lot of members of my tribe have very low knowledge of English language, so I´ve decide to create kind of blog, where I´m adding new info from this forum as often as possible.
    The main thing is, that in most of cases I´m using Gaviotta´s guides as a source for translation to Czech language. I don´t have so much time to create guides on my own, so this is the way I can help my tribemates and still work on different stuff.
    I just want to make sure that Gaviotta is okay with this as long as I don´t have absolutely no profit from his (great by the way) work and also as long as my translations of his guides are not made word by word, but the structure is very similar. Gaviotta is also mentioned as main source of info, so in my view, everything is okay, alright?

    (I had no idea where to post this, so if missed cestion, I´m sorry :) )