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    The truce is a great idea and needed, but it would be even better if there were an icon and timer on the screen, similar to the weekend events. Most of us aren't in CET and it is a pain trying to figure out whether it is currently on or not. Maybe a little Christmas tree :)

    I bought a premium coat of arms after the last merge. I expected to have it after this latest merge, but it disappeared. The blurb under the premium coat of arms says "Unlock and use the selected coat of arms for 100? Once unlocked, you can use the coat of arms at any time and without limitations." so I contacted support.

    Lionmoon support keeps saying "You can select a new tribe image and a new avatar image while the transition period lasts (48 hours). All tribe and avatar images are avaialble for free, there are no restrictions as to which ones are free and which ones are not." I reply that this is not the case.

    This has been happening since the merge first happened. Now support is saying the transition period must have expired then. It hasn't.

    However, because of the support person's insistence they are free and the fact that the transition period will expire in a few hours, I clicked on the "unlock" button on the off chance it was just the purchase price that hadn't been updated. Nope. There went 100 turquoise for the second time.

    So don't believe the message under the button. You can't use it at any time without limitations. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Could you PLEASE make the truce match the time zone of the player? Some of us are on the other side of the world and the times of the truce don't benefit us as much as people in Europe.

    A section of the announcement reads:

    • One account only: In order not to breach the multi-accounting rule, in case you play on several servers with different accounts, after the merge is complete you may only continue playing with only one of the accounts. You can opt to either set the remainder account(s) in vacation mode, give them to other players/friends to play, or delete them (via settings -> delete account).

      (!) Please note: after the merge is completed, no transfers of troops/resources are allowed from the account you decide to abandon, to the account you wish to continue playing. Non-compliance is subject to sanctions for multiaccounting.

    • Same email address: In case you play on several servers using the same registered email address for all accounts, only the account with the highest score will be migrated, and the rest will be lost. In order to preserve all accounts, you will need to change the associated email address in each account so they don't match. However, keep in mind that the prior point applies in this case, so do it only if you want to hand the other account(s) to someone else.

    My question is: I assume this applies only to the servers being merged. i.e. there is no issue if you have an account on one of these servers and on one that is not being merged, so there is no question of troops transfers, etc. As written, it is ambiguous.

    For the last few days, when I try to log onto the beta server, I get a bad gateway message. Sometimes it will fix itself after a few minutes. Sometimes it takes longer. This is very recent. What is happening there?

    I like the enforced truce for Christmas and New Year but would like to see it tweaked so the truce hours depend on the person's time zone. Yes, possibly it could be abused by people changing their time zone, but possibly the ability to change time zones could be frozen for the duration. It doesn't do much good to have a truce running at a completely different time from the celebrations in your own area.

    I tested this. When you research astronomy, it shortens the normal production cycle, e.g. the 10-minute one may be shortened to 6 mins. Let's say the current base production is 300 and your cycle is 6 mins long. 300/6 x 60 gives you the hourly production if you collect and reset exactly on time. The longer the production cycle is, the lower the rate applied, i.e. you are penalized for longer production cycles. Again, you can look at the 2nd production cycle amount, divide it by the minutes in the cycle and multiply by 60 to see that hourly production rate. The same for the other cycles. You can see the base production amount is always less than the one before it.

    I could be wrong, but I believe it is the 10-minute figure x 6 (to give a max hrly production). However, if your production cycle is 1 hr, you produce less than that. If it's 4 hrs, you produce yet less (average per hour) etc.
    You could check it next time you are ready to set production. Look at the variance depending on the length of the production cycle.

    Yesterday I was attacked. My attacker had a lot of amazons and lost the battle. Her amazons did not go to her itzamma for healing. They didn't go to mine, either, nor are they in my jag temple. What happened here?
    Is the game so loaded in favor of the attacker that the amazons don't change sides if the defender wins?
    If so, this needs to be fixed. It's blatantly unfair.

    There is a lot of clutter on the screen, which isn't a big deal when you are in city view, but when you are in world map view it is very annoying. The permanent icons, such as those for city, world map and quests, could be incorporated into the existing ribbons at the top or bottom of the screen.
    I don't see the point of that huge identity icon. You should know who you are and what tribe you belong to. I guess if you have more than one person playing on the same computer, it would be helpful to have the data show, but not to take up such a large area. The points and position could be on the top ribbon too.
    Special icons, such as the one that shows when the gem game is active, could also be on one of the ribbons. Same with the turquoise icon.
    This would have the effect of extending the ribbons on both the too and bottom, essentially making the viewing space shorter but perfectly clean. No need to drag the screen around to see what barbarian is hidden under the clutter.

    As I understand it, there is a certain relative frequency for the various levels of barbarian. As a server matures, the balance gets more and more wrong for the player mix. There are 2 things that could be done to address this.

    1. Adjust according to the server's level of maturity
    When a server is new (not a merged one) players are starting from scratch. They need low level barbs. Some players will grow faster than others, and be ready to tackle somewhat higher barb levels, so a mix is still necessary, but probably not the highest barb levels at first.
    Furthermore, new players will be coming in all the time for a while, so low level barbs will still be needed. But there comes a point when the server is "full", i.e. there are enough players for a good game, but not so many they are starving each other. Let's say normally this takes 6 months.
    The new server is opened Jan 1. It has lots of level 1s and 2s, not so many 3s and 4s, probably no 7s, 8s, 9s.
    After a month, a lot of the first players will be hitting 4s and 5s, so there should be more of those. However, new players are still coming in, so we still need some 1s,, 2s, and 3s.
    By April 1, a few players may be ready for 7s or 8s. There should therefore be a few of those added.
    June 30, the server is nominally "full". It's time to cut back on the number of lower levels and amp up the higher levels. Of course there will still be the odd new player arriving, but most of the players will be more advanced and the barbs have to be weighted according to need.
    When the new server results from a merge, the merging servers are already mature. The players need lots of high levels. New players should be discouraged from joining this server, as they would be at a disadvantage anyway, with all the big players around. So there should be few, if any, low level barbs.
    This could all be programmed in to happen automatically, e.g. server is 3 mths old, barbarian ration is x.

    2. Refresh ALL the barbs, whether cleared or not
    Currently, a barb stays in place until it is looted. This means that as a player grows and becomes more capable, he is surrounded by more and more useless barbs. When he starts on 2s, the old 1s stay where they are. When he starts on 3s, the old 2s now stay, etc. By the time he is ready for 9s, his city is an island in a sea of useless small level barbs and he has to go further and further afield.
    This would be better: when the barbs are refreshed, they ALL get refreshed. Where there used to be a 1, now there might be a 4 or a 9. Even without changing the ratio as it is now, this might make it easier to find those elusive 9s.

    for a really radical solution, why not have every barb refresh instantly when it is hit? Or possibly fill up slowly over an hour, as opposed to being erased and replaced with another somewhere else?

    You asked for feedback but reply is disabled on that thread. And apparently the details of the patch are no longer available.

    I am not a huge fan of this patch. Some of the so-called bugs it fixes wee not a huge issue, IMHO.

    One of the big issues is lack of high level barbs. The patch is supposed to make the barbs refresh more often (frequency unspecified). What I find is that they are even fewer than before. The geographic area I used to be able to collect all 5 from, I am now lucky to get 3. This is not an improvement. Maybe those 3 would be renewed in 3 hours instead of the previous 4, but we don't play this game as a career. We can't come online more frequently to take advantage of the change.

    I am disappointed that a basic improvement that has been requested repeatedly was not addressed: changing the barbarian icon to signify its level. It seems to me this should be an easy change, though I could be wrong.

    You can change their names to some code that makes sense to you, such as E1 to indicate it was in the east. Make up your own code so it doesn't give away information you don't want other people to have.

    It's worthwhile to move your cities far away from anyone else when you get the chance, so there is less competition for the barbs. I haven't joined a new server for a long time but I wonder: if what Tzuizu says is true, is the low number of barbs a trade-off for other things, such as increased production?

    IMHO there are 2 key changes that would make this game better. I know they have been suggested before, but just want to keep them out there for consideration.

    1. Change the barbarian icons to show the barbarian level. Too much time is wasted looking for a suitable one to loot.

    2. Free one-click resource collection. It takes way too long to do this when you have a few cities, so I am not willing to add to the burden by making more cities. An alternative would be to make feathers more affordable, maybe 1-2 turquoise each time.