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    If they all died in the battle, only a few could be resurrected in the itzama. And if it was a draw, I would expect each of the combatants would have their own amazons and nahuals resurrect, as they only defect to the winning side. In a draw there is no winner.

    À propos du marché: actuellement, si vous négociez sur le marché, vous devez attendre plus de 3 heures pour échanger, quel que soit le niveau de votre marché. Ceci est inacceptable. Vous devriez pouvoir échanger immédiatement ou vous devez pouvoir échanger plus d'une ressource par transaction.
    Un exemple: vous avez 5 millions de calcaire supplémentaire, et vous avez besoin de cacao et d'obsidienne pour ce que vous prévoyez. Vous devriez pouvoir obtenir du cacao et de l'obsidienne en même temps en échange de votre calcaire.

    Au sujet du deuxième point, ce que je proposais, c'est que vous auriez des recherches sur le calcaire, l'obsidienne et le cacao, de même que cela fonctionne pour le maïs. Si vous avez, par exemple, 10 villes, vous devez actuellement soulever tous les champs de ressources à 40 ou plus pour pouvoir travailler efficacement. Cela prend beaucoup de temps et beaucoup de ressources. Il serait préférable d'avoir besoin de vos mines et de votre plantation 1, c'est-à-dire de ne pas les améliorer et d'avoir une recherche qui améliore la production dans toutes vos villes. Je ne sais pas pourquoi les développeurs ont donné 2 façons différentes d'augmenter le maïs mais seulement 1 pour augmenter les autres ressources.

    Edit (Meztli) : changement de la mise en page pour faciliter la lecture.

    Des idées intéressantes.
    # 1: J'aime l'idée de pouvoir échanger sur le plan mondial, mais je
    pense que le marché actuel pourrait être révisé pour permettre cela. Personnellement,
    je ne pense pas qu'il devrait y avoir une limite de temps lorsque vous
    pouvez échanger, tant que vous disposez des ressources et des troupes
    pour les déplacer (que ce soient des polines ou des commerçants)

    Re # 2: Déjà, le niveau que vous avez soulevé dans un champ gère combien il produit. par exemple. un champ de niveau 10 produit plus par heure qu'un champ de niveau 5. Mais
    il serait préférable, à mon avis, d'avoir simplement un champ de niveau
    1 et ensuite de produire de la recherche qui s'applique alors à toutes
    les villes. Toutes les villes n'auraient qu'un champ de niveau 1 pour le
    calcaire, mais la recherche mondiale de calcaire déciderait de la
    quantité chaque champ produit. C'est peut-être ce que vous vouliez dire. Je ne suis pas vraiment clair sur votre idée.
    Cette idée mettra l'accent de l'édifice sur la recherche, qui a des avantages et des inconvénients.

    The support tab on the forums does not work for me either. It does not directly link me to It takes me to my default browser homepage.

    Genica, check whether you have disabled links in your browser. For instance, as a security feature, some browsers prevent a webpage from automatically redirecting to a new page. You can normally disable that feature for some or all websites.

    Juan (Boy! Is he tired!)

    A Mexican player named Juan
    Wishes all of his enemies gone.
    They attack him all night
    And it doesn't seem right
    That he can't sleep from sunset to dawn.

    OK ksunni, let's keep the ball rolling :)
    On the support issue, I believe that no one ever gets deleted, despite being inactive. There are pros and cons to this of course, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for those cities to disappear.

    All right, I have absolutely no idea how to create a poll, though I'm sure I saw a button for it a few days ago.
    So since there were only entries within the deadline, and one of them was mine, I nominate Captain B's limerick the winner. Take a bow, Captain B!

    Hi ksunni

    I believe the forum is arranged by language rather than by nationality, so whatever language you are most comfortable communicating in is the one you would use. You seem to communicate very well in English, so maybe stay in the English area.

    If someone doesn't see their own language, or any language they are comfortable with, I guess they would have to post in the international section and hope someone can translate it.

    I'm not sure if this should be in the questions area or the suggestions area, since it has elements of both.

    What good is cosmology research in terms of actual play? It shortens the cooldown between feasts, but since the fire feast and lightening feast can only be performed once every 2 weeks, cooldown is hardly an issue. And the other feasts can only be performed during crystals events, so that is hardly an issue either.

    Or is the description misleading? Is it that you can only perform the feasts once every 2 weeks without the research, but more often as you increase the research?

    I have never used feasts because of this restriction (what if I use it now and then find out in a couple of hours that I really need it then?) and because they have such a short duration for so many resources.

    Perhaps higher research levels could increase either the frequency or the duration (or both!) of the feasts. That would be more useful.

    It seems really stupid to have this expensive research that serves no real purpose other than to allow you to recruit ek chuahs and attack certain barbarians.

    My first entry:

    There once was a player named Blimey
    Who cried "People keep trying to spy me!
    Though I have a high wall
    It's not helping at all,
    And those sneaky spies keep sneaking by me!"

    Let's have a limerick contest. :!:

    For anyone who doesn't already know, a limerick is a special form of 5-line poem, usually humourous or with a twist, and a particular rhythm. Here is a good explanation with some examples.

    1. It has to have a Tentlan theme, but can be about any aspect.
    2. Normal Tentlan rules about respect, bad language etc apply.
    3. Entries are done by reply to this thread.
    4. Enter as often as you like.
    5. Give your limerick a title so it can be listed in the poll.

    Contest closes midnight Sat Sept 9. Winner will be decided by poll, which will go up Sun Sept 10 or as soon after as I can manage.

    Alas, I have no way of awarding any kind of prize to the winner. Let your reward be the joy of creation and the amusement you afford your fellows. Write on!

    Mon ami, les temps ont changé depuis que nous étions jeunes. Ces jours-ci, les jeunes semblent rester éveillés aussi longtemps qu'ils le souhaitent, et ont des ordinateurs dans leurs chambres, alors peuventjouer toute la nuit s'ils le souhaitent. Mais peut-être que ce n'est pas 21h30 où ils vivent.

    On espère que les parents ont bien éduqué les enfants sur les dangers des salles de discussion en ligne. Restriction de la participation à ceux de 18 ans et plus ne les protège pas, car ils peuvent mentir à propos de leur âge.

    Les personnes plus conscientes que je me gratte la tête sur la façon de protéger les enfants contre les prédateurs dans la technologie actuelle.

    Here's an idea: I notice that when a weekend event is announced, there is no way to comment or even give it a thumbs up or down.
    If the like/dislike buttons were active on them, the Tentlan team could get an idea of which ones are popular and which ones aren't. At least they could if people bothered to do so.

    @Captain B, first I would like to commend you on your polite, well-written and very reasoned responses. Even when I don't agree with your point of view, I appreciate the way you express it.

    One thing you said kind of brought me up short and made me think for a bit. That is this section:

    (e) "Player B
    has only been playing a month. with all the dang walking you have to do
    to avoid attacks from much larger players how in heck do you expect
    anyone to grow? You can't stop your troops from returning so you are

    Player A, I suspect,

    has been playing on the server concerned for the same length of time
    that you have. It is not difficult to protect your troops and resources
    by sending them away from your cities when you are afk or offline. If
    you choose NOT to do that, it is not surprising that opponents will take
    advantage. There are numerous means of protecting your troops and
    resources - you chose NOT to employ these. As stated above, there are
    means to prevent an opponent from obtaining an activity report detailing
    your city's movements. Clearly you chose NOT to employ any of these
    options either.

    That gave me a realization. One of the reasons it is so hard for a small player to grow is that we DON'T all start at the same time. A given server could be the result of one or more mergers, and anyone starting on that server is automatically many steps behind those who merged. Even if it isn't a merged server, people do still start at different times. Even a week's headstart could make a big difference.

    Not that I think there is any way to prevent that kind of disparity, short of closing the server to newcomers a day or 2 after it opens. That hardly seems reasonable. But perhaps an extended protection period would mitigate that somewhat.

    If 2 people start at more or less the same time, and one of them gets way ahead of the other by playing harder or more often, well, that's tough. As you and others have pointed out, there are ways to protect yourself, although they are not infallible.

    And yes, this thread has got very off-topic. Conversations often do. Sorry 'bout that.

    On topic: As it is a war game, you probably should be able to attack fairly soon after moving your city. But perhaps give your target a bit of warning to take whatever evasive action he can, perhaps an hour or so.