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    Well I translate from Russian to English and it never makes much sense. And i I translate English to Russian, my Russian friends tell me the words are wrong too.
    I can usually understand the general sense of what is posted in Spanish, but when I tried to translate from English to Spanish, again it could handle a very simple English idiom, and translated it literally. So my experience with Google translate is that it is very buggy.

    OK, thanks Moho. It would be nice if the ratios kept pace with the average level of the players on the server, as the competition gets fiercer for the higher levels.Perhaps down the road that could be figured out somehow, though it isn't as important as the other things that need fixing.

    Instead of the numerous small purchases for turquoise, why not create a premium account for a reasonable fee that gives enough value that people would want to purchase it? Some examples of what could be offered:
    -extra barbarian lootings every day
    -some reduction in time or costs for buildings, troops, and/or research
    -a protection bonus if you are attacked (fewer troops lost)
    -one-click resource collection for all cities
    I'm sure there are many more.
    In a game I played previously, I always went for the premium account because it gave so many advantages for a reasonable cost (about $1/day). Virtually anyone can afford that. It's way less than the cost of a cup of coffee or a couple of cigarettes, and people always manage to find the money for those. But if they can't, make it possible to donate a premium account for a period of time to another player, or to donate turquoise from your own account to someone else.

    Google offers a plug-in that translates a website into the language of whoever is reading it. It would be very handy if Tentlan's website, especially the forum, used this.
    There is probably a lot of duplication in the various language sections of the board, but as a reader, without translating every single thread, I don't know if what I am searching for is already there somewhere.
    Google's translate tool does not translate idioms well, but at least we could get the gist of what is being said, and it would probably cut down on the work of the moderators.

    My question wasn't about the timing but the makeup.e.g. If 10 level 6 barbarians are looted, are 10 new level 6s put there when they are refreshed? If 0 level 1 barbarians are looted, are any new level 1s put there?
    In other words, is there a ratio being observed that is based on activity or based on some other thing?

    Is there any particular rhyme or reason to the refreshing of barbarians? e.g. do the refresh rates correspond to the barbarians looted in the last cycle, or is there some ratio of each level that is adhered to?
    There seems to be a glut of low-level barbarians, probably because people outgrow them so quickly, and conversely there is a shortage of the higher ones.
    I do understand that new people can join at any time and need the low levels at first, but as more and more people achieve the higher levels there is too much competition for them. It is frustrating to spy, see that the barbarian is full, send your troops to it, and when they arrive a few moments later, find someone else got there first.
    I also find that the distribution seems to be lumpy, a lot of them concentrated in a small area with large open spaces between.
    This is particularly noticeable on Beta but I'm sure I will see it on Tulum before long.

    The recent (4 hrs ago) post on the server merge said to ask questions, but there is no ability to reply to the thread.

    I play on 3 of the named servers, and I'm a bit annoyed, though I can understand the rationale behind it. My question is: what happens to the turquoise on the accounts that have to be dropped?

    I feel this is very short notice as well. I would not have spent so much time building if had expected this.

    I was interested to hear that there are only a few people behind Tentlan. I kind of assumed it was a big corporation that hired programmers to write the code for any planned changes. Even so, I assume some if not most of you are writing or able to write code, and that therefore it's a matter of deciding where to make the changes. The level 8-9 barbs were a good and needed addition, as was the tambo implementation. I don't have a lot of knowledge about programming but surely some of the requested changes should be simple, if you decide to do them.
    For instance, as a stop-gap if you decide to make resource collection free, you could change the price to 0 turquoise, until such time as the inherent code can be changed.
    Why not take a general poll about what players like and hate about the game and go from there? And then somehow prioritize the changes that are to be made.
    Seriously, if you want to keep people playing the first thing to tackle is the ability to bully. It's ridiculous for 90% of the players to stop playing a month after a new server opens because there is no fun in playing due to the bullying. IMHO that is the #1 issue. So you had a few people spend money to advance quickly and then the server dies. How does that help your financial position long-term? It's like those payday loans that get you over a tight spot today bu then you're worse off tomorrow. Level the playing field.
    Second, give the defender a fighting chance. Simulate any battle where the troops on both sides are equal, and the defender always loses unless he has a high wall and has built his other military buildings (temazcal, stele and dwarf tower). And those buildings aren't available right at the start.
    Third, decrease the build and research times. It takes too long to get anything done. And again, the balance is off. For instance, researching architecture decreases build time by 1% per level. If a building's next level takes a week, that 1% is just slightly over 1.5 hrs taken off the build time. Is it worth the resources to research it? And the research will take more time than it will reduce construction.
    Personally I find it very annoying to need certain building levels in order to recruit troops, especially when those buildings don't have any real purpose. I speak particularly of the tribal council. You need level 1 to join a tribe, level 3 to start one, as I recall. Beyond that it has no earthly purpose, yet higher levels are required to build certain buildings and to recruit certain troops. The tambo functions could easily have been done here, rather than having a separate building. There should be a logical connection between troops and the buildings/research required to make them. I can see needing a temazcal for higher troops, for instance, but not a tribal council or market. And especially when the buildings have to be duplicated in every city.
    Lest you think there is nothing I do like about the game, that isn't so. I like that you can plan your city and what function you want it to serve. I like that resources need to be collected so even if you are raided you will have some in reserve. The complexity makes it challenging, and I like a challenge, as long as I have a chance of succeeding.