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    Yes, working units use double the corn that free units do, but the biggest hit on corn is when you send your troops on an expedition. They don't eat that much lazing around the jag temple, but they eat like pigs on the march.

    This is such a basic function of the game it should not require turquoise i.e. quetzl feathers.
    To collect and set production in 1 city takes 16 clicks. Multiply that by whatever number of cities you have and it gets ridiculous. It is no longer play, it's work! There is enough drudgery in our daily lives without this. It is a pain collecting even every hour, let alone every 10 minutes, hence production suffers.
    As for the quetzal feathers, the price is ludicrous. If you wanted 10-minute production, it would cost 60 turquoise every hour. (More as your production time decreases through research of astronomy).
    I have quit playing other games where the basic functions proved too onerous if I didn't pay for shortcuts.
    I do realize you need to make money, but do it with real perks, not basic functions.

    Beta does not have its own forum. The board icon links to the boards in various languages.
    Clicking on the support tab brings up other servers, but not Beta.
    Why is Beta an orphan?

    The specific issue I would like to see addressed is this: on other servers, barbarians that have been looted are removed and new barbarians randomly placed every few hours. On Beta this does not occur. The pillaged barbarians remain in place and are removed every 24 hours only. Yet there are 4 rounds of barbarian looting per day. This means that it is a pain to find barbarians that have not already been looted. It is a waste of time and corn to spy, since you have to go further and further away.

    Could you please fix this, and also give Beta its own support option?