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    i agree with this opinion. it would really be more meaningful if you can store the reward for use later. also i guess there would be a co-relation between the worth of the sacrifice and the worth of the reward. though a small sacrifice might produce a great reward, if the reverse is true, then high worth material would never be sacrificed at all, and it reduces your options and the attractiveness of the exercise.

    Or consider this.. A while its possible to get same bonuses 5% or 30% bonuses for wall. No matter what type unit you use. Yet with better unit you get better duration. For instance EK could give you 60 days with 5% bonus. When spear only gives you 1 day. Combine this with possibility that 30% bonus dosent replace.. your 5% bonus.. but rather adds on it. Giving you 35% total.

    If we use this method then both. small sacrifice and large one has a meaning. On top of that better unit gives you better change to get high end bonuses.

    Sacrifice loot also seems very interesting feature, but maybe little hard to do. If something like this would be done with randomly generated barbarians. It could be much more interesting and fair.

    It could work better that way. But I would hope they would become Lost barbarian towns then. Only thing is that It would be impossible to add tribe features to that. Not without benefiting multies.

    Tzolk'in calendar

    As it is right now we have fortune wheel that uses one of the most valuable resource in the game and it produces rewards that arent usually worth anything. Yet that space could be used better in my opinion. So here is my suggestion.. We replace wheel with in game calendar. That calendar would have 20x13 days and each day would produce luck rewards or events.

    Luck Rewards

    Luck rewards are very much the same they are now. You can get them during those days that dosent have any events on. What has changed is that now you should be able to chose what you sacrifice. Is it a soldier (after this action it cannot be healed), amber stone, 250 turquoise or loot.

    Sacrificing soldier:

    If you sacrifice soldier. You may get bonuses like 5%-30% Wall bonus, 5-30% stamina 5-30% army speed or anything related to army and warfare. Sacrificed unit determines how large or how long bonus is active. If you get 5%wall bonus with EK unit. It could last 65 days, but with spy unit it could last 2h.. If you have very good luck you might get 1-20 nahuals/amazons.

    Sacrificing amber :

    If you sacrifice amber you may get builder and tech bonuses. More amber you sacrifice better the bonuses can be or their duration can be longer. At one go you can sacrifice max 5 ambers. There could also be rewards like random free tech/building.

    Sacrifice turquoise

    You can sacrifice 250 turquoise and win shop items. Some cheaper than they are in shop and some more expensive.

    Sacrifice loot

    If you chose to sacrifice loot. Then you will get random target that you are to attack. Random towns are selected from towns that arent in same tribe, close proximity and roughly the same lvl.Owner of that city gets a warning that someone has been guided by wrathful gods to attack his/hers city. After that you have end of that day to attack that city. More loot and troops you kill. Better the reward you may get from Tzolks calendar. If player dosent attack selected town then he may get punished by gods. That punishment could be -10% to -50% stamina.. or some other negative bonus punishment. Duration is rest of the calendar month.

    If how ever target town is empty. No troops and no ress. Then defender may get punished by gods. Even if there is something little to steal defender might still suffer. That is the case if defender is larger than attacker.

    Rewards from this event are always good.

    All the battles get ranked in def and attack lists. If your attack ranks high on either list. Then its possible to gain bonus reward that effects whole tribe. Every unit and resource is turned into points. After the attack. What resources you might have stolen are lost to gods..


    When ever there is events like Research faster! or crystal event. Luck rewards cannot be collected. However. From now on we can see when these events will be on. So we can prepare for them. The Bacabs' Crystals event could now show itself more often, but in shorter periods. Like 7 days per month. Events could be divide in 2 categories 3 day events and 7 day events. Right now only The Bacabs' Crystals event is 7 day event, but in future could be more.

    What do you think.. ?

    I note that change could be made much simpler too and if final result would be simpler. It still would be large improvement.

    What is your opinion on tribes in this server. I play in JUL, Justice League and so far it has seem to be very good tribe. Lots of veteran players that know what to do.. Maybe we have too many inactives in here. Still I dont mind. Do you have any opinions? Which in the top ten tribes you like the most and are you in one of these tribes..

    The real TOP 5 (My opinion)

    • Hammerfall
    • MIF
    • Justice League
    • Warriors of the Sun
    • Poland POL

    Since battlefield could easily turn to be very boring one. Here is suggestion for add on current battle system.

    War seasons:

    When doing battle before anything happens season for the fight is calculated. Depending on season. Certain units or army gets bonuses. Seasons are calculated for every round.


    • first and second round are fought with same season.
    • 3 season is defenders season
    • 4 attackers season
    • 5 season is calculated for favor of army that has most units.

    Different rounds get seasons calculated by different reasons. First and second seasons are calculated by point system. Third by which season is most advantageous in fight for defender and fourth is same for attacker. Last the 5 round is the same that player with most units remaining has on in attack/defender city.

    Point system

    Point system gives point on player depending on techs and other various factors. In battle player with most points collected from point system gets season in his village to be war season in first 2 rounds. In event of tie smaller player gets his active season. Players in Tambo (attacker or defenders tambo) do not participate when calculating war season.

    • 2 points per tech level in following techs. (Medicine, Nature, Diplomacy and Trade)
    • 5 points per tech level in Chronology and Astronomy
    • 10 points side with most troops
    • 50 points to side that is at least 2x smaller than other. (total score)
    • 20 points to defender if wall is +30 level
    • 20 points to attacker if moon temple is +30 level

    Unit bonuses:


    Attacker: Holcan spears have first strike in battle. This mean they get free hit round against enemy without getting damage to themselves. Only Holcan spears from attacker participate in fight. If defender has wall then that participates in fight. (With bonuses from eagle warriors)
    Defender: Every Eagle Warrior produce 800 strength and 10.000 stamina to wall. (Bonus is not lost even if season changes in fight)


    Attacker: Ek Chuah units gets 5x strength
    Defender: Holcan Archers act like shamans and Quipucamayocs max bonus is 50% and they become support unit like shamans.


    Attacker: Jaguar Warriors heal 50% attackers units if at the end of the fight there is 10:1 ratio between Jaguars and other units.
    Defender : Atlants heal 80% defender units if defender has at least 500 Atlants surviving the fight


    Attacker: Amazon Warriors have first strike. Other than that they work like normal.
    Defender: Atlatl Hunter units get 20x strength when defending.

    Questions.. ??This suggestion might be little incomplete. So be brave to suggest little changes or add ons.

    Right now lot of units become trash very fast. I wish to make all units relevant trough the game and give smaller players a change fighting against bigger more established players. By either using turtle tactics or other tactics.. with good use of units.

    I like the prestige idea and Im happy that moho supported that part. That said, if this is added in the game. There are few things that should change.

    - Quetzal Palace is not the building that produces the "prestige"
    Building needs amber stone and that can be bought. If this change is added then amber should be more accessible or buying it needs to be removed from turquoise features. At very least there should be limitation on how many you can buy in month. If not this gives players too good option on buy the win. Something that I read Lionmoon dosent want to support. Game needs to be fair and game already has too many bonuses for money players. Drives away casual buyers..

    - Hourly production should be largest from capital

    - Prestige should be global

    - Corn movement costs raised and tambo should collect move corn from players in tambo.
    Corn should really make moving large armies harder. Also moving armies in tambo should be better than gifting units. This means Tambo+farm should give ideal results. In addition I would make Pochtecas best suited moving corn. Giving them ability to move 10x more corn than other res.

    In short if x player moves troops in my village. Before anyone is able to move them from tambo. That building needs to collect corn to move them. At the same time those units cost upkeep corn which is taken from village that owns them.

    -Spying needs to be fixed

    On complexity. This game is too simple in many ways. Complexity of this short wont hurt.

    I kinda like this, but I would just add it under send resources section and add possibility to collect resources from target city. Auto calculation is kinda extra feature that I dont see to be needed really. Feathers free would be much more needed interface feature. Current klikity klick is just annoying when you have more than 4 cities.

    Also this game should not make this any kind of priority right now. Game needs much more improving in warfare and community areas of the game. And I dont see this to be small improvement. I could imagine this takes some work to do.. and offers very little impact in overall enjoyment.

    Spying in ikariam is far from being perfect. Yet it is better than this. What I would like to see is that every town has its own spy defense. Not like its now. Now most important factor is spy tech and that gives empire wide protection. In Ikariam there is lots of other stuff that you can choose to spy. That would be nice too. Now everything is in one spy report.

    I guess we could endlessly discuss about how we could improve this, but my main hope is that current system is fixed soon. Its easyest and fastest way to fix many faults in battle mechanics of this game. That and removing gifting troops option. Improved Tambo system should replace this completely.


    - Everytown should have individual spy defense. Focus away from spy tech
    - Spyingshould be harder to do than defend against
    - Information should be attainable with more than one way

    Wall has zero effect in fights. Its basically useless building. Fire festival is luxury for defender, but its one thing that seriously effects it battle. Spying is always in favor for higher rank player. Also its attacker who can activate other bonuses in time for battle. Defender has very little time to even notice he is attacked.

    Personally I would like to have fire festival removed and unit stats re worked. But very least I think spying needs to be fixed and attack times/range balanced. Maybe even physical obstacles so that attacking from edges of the map wouldnt take 1h or something.. 24h should be more like it. On top of these tweaking that defence mission is faster than attack would be very needed adition in this game. Just saying.

    beter start making them real fast, cause a lot of european players are quiting the game cause of lack of opponents on their server. please please do some merges!!!!

    Im not sure about most of the servers, but what I have seen is pretty basic everywhere. 1 top tribe where 1 player is the big bad and rest. are valued next to nothing. Some people enjoy being in top clan. others. Well they cry when top clan member raids them.

    Now lets merge 10 of these servers in to one. What stops it falling to be like all the 10 before. After 2 months of game of tag and killing armies. one stands in top and rest just rage quit. "We were number one before the merge" "They merged wrong servers" "That guy had 3x more points than anyone in our server".

    End result is that you will only get less european players. less money for the team.. Meaning merge or not.. Player base declines rapidly.

    don't really understand ur point, i just hope for new players to apppear and grow, and curious for that example

    Hard for new players grow to the point where they arent farms/insects. Its much easyer to quit that try to grow be bullied once youre are big enough to produce a lot. For new players game isint hard. its just stupid and tedious. Barbarian villages are actually one of the worst features since it just one way to keep small player down.

    Puolet heimosta on kadoksissa. Ei tää enään sotaa ole. Eläke tekee kuolemaa. Into lopahti väellä kun armeijat menehty. Uusi heimokin on luotu. Aktiivit on syntynyt entisten Eläkeläisten toimesta.

    Onks rauhalle mitää mahollisuutta olemassa? Ei täs muuten mitään järkee ole.