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    Amazon, perfect balance can not be found. The question is that the balance does not always point in one direction.
    Let's not forget that the game has to support somewhere, but whoever gives money wants to get something at a meeting.
    If I can not attack the first 24 hours after moving the city, why use this option at all?


    if you send the resource the army of the participant has stolen, there will be no punishment, but if you systematically send more resources, you will be in violation of the pushing rules.
    Example: Your friend's army in the tambo has seized 1ml of resource, if you send him one million, there will be no problems, but if you send him 2 million, this is already pushing.


    Thanks, M0H0, this is a good decision, given that common armies for barbarians have been using us for a year now and hardly anyone remembers with how many soldiers participate.
    I just want to put something in: In a few posts you say that the army should not be more than 20% -30% of the player's points.
    This is not very correct. For information, you can check that out of 34 million, my army was 26 million. For those who farm may be normal what you say ;)

    Sevral, for the first time I disagree with you. My personal opinion is that these innovations will lead to a faster drop in players. There will be players who are fans of farming. And we all know that the game has to support it, I can boldly think that the sale of turquoise will fall.
    I can list at least 20 reasons for this, but I do not see any point since this is not a discussion as to whether or not to introduce the new rules.
    Time will show who was right and who did not.


    BTW: If the team of the game wants to be objective, then each account must be checked from the day of its registration. Only in this way can they be sure which troops they are. And I do not think the account should be banned. It is enough if an army is found, which is another owner's own to be relocated

    Yes, when a tribe member loses his army, he has to start the game from the beginning because he can not get help either with an army or with resources (both are forbidden). I'm sure this player will just stop playing. Only very ardent players would agree to continue after such a loss.

    It does not matter if it will work. The question is basic. The next time an enemy loses an army, he can ask for the tambo to be banned and then all the attacks .....
    Even more worrying is this part with a ban on the accounts if there is a foreign army in you. I have been playing this game for over a year, during which time people have stopped the game and donated their armies. I had stopped playing and I went back to the new server now.
    When I stopped, I gave the army, and when I got back, they gave me the army I had done this year. With this team rule, most likely my account will be suspended. I doubt they will make a full check on how the army I gave her 3 months ago and now they have returned it to me .....

    I did not shout, simply copying your name sess got a bigger font.
    As far as the number of hits is concerned, the tribe has 60 people or one player per march. For you, is not it normal for every tribal player to help restore the army?
    Sending cocoa to treat troops is used by all tribes. I have made many such trips with the help of Nahual.
    And one particular question: Why was the account not banned in June when these hikes are being banned in August, two days before merger servers?
    I have nothing more to say on the subject. Anyone who reads can draw their own conclusions.

    I, the administrators, listened to them for two weeks. Just a lot of people were frightened by the tribe's army, and they did everything possible that this army would not be there after the merger.
    I have been playing such games for 25 years, I have even been involved in creating more than five.
    My advice to the team is not to submit to the requests of several people because many games have ended their existence for this reason.

    I soon expect my account to be banned. I just do not know what rule this will happen once resources are not received. I treat the troops of the tribe only with their own resources

    the story is exactly the way I wrote it..All the players at that time developed their accounts, built buildings, trained soldiers, studied studies, and just the extra cocoa of the day sent him to heal soldiers.
    The administrator's explanation was, I quote "there were 76 moves to your account and only two of you to other players."

    Sevral, we were punished for this. Here's the whole situation:

    1.Leader gathers troops from the tribe to attack another player;

    2.Leader conducts the battle and many soldiers have died, but has activated 100% healing and can heal all the troops he has lost to the tribe;

    3.Tribe players send cocoa to help heal their troops;

    4.After a month and a half, the leader has a forbidden account because of this prohibition, the labor of the tribe has been deleted because during the punishment the army was again at the leader.

    5.And last but not least, the ban comes a month and a half after these actions and only a few days before the merger of servers.

    In short, colleagues playing this game, always have one in mind because the rules are read differently than the game team

    I have a question for all players when a tribe leader has been involved in a great battle and needs millions of cocoa to cure the losses if the players of the tribe help him in this healing, is that a push or not?


    The game must be balanced and enable everyone to play. A player who has a lot of free time does not need paid options. He spends a lot of time in the game and has fun that way. A player who does not have a lot of free time to spend in the game uses the paid options.If a city move is removed or restrictions are introduced, it can deny players who do not have much time to spend in the game.In conclusion, my opinion is that the game needs to be maintained with these options. You will always be dissatisfied.

    There is a way to protect your army even when moving a city, just find it!!!

    За по-сигурно тези въпроси е най-добре да бъдат зададени към съпорта на играта за да не станат грешки, но все пак:

    1. Ако двата компютъра са с различни IP адреси няма да има никакви проблеми, но ако са с един е възможно да имате проблеми.
    При извършване на проверки със сигурност се проверява IP адреса а не мак адреса на мрежовата карта;
    2.Събирането на армии от двама или повече играча по какъвто и да е повод не се наказва, но ако става въпрос за акаунти по т.1 може да възникнат проблеми;
    3.В тази игра няма закриване на акаунт. Акаунта не може да бъде изтрит. Не се възстановява паричната равностойност на тюркоазите, които не сте използвали.


    Обменния курс показва колко храна ти е необходима за да изпратиш на трансфер една единица на разстояние едно квадратче.