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    While this would be nice, I would find it more helpful if the city icon on the world map changed to indicate city size. This would save us from having to stop scrolling and hover over an icon and wait for the popup box to find targets of a certain size.

    From other games I've played.

    On the tribe window it would be informative to have a tab, available to founder and administrators only perhaps, that lists activity such as -

    Player 1 invited player 2
    Player 3 joined the tribe
    Player 4 left the tribe
    Player 1 changed the tribe public message
    Player 1 booted player 5 from the tribe
    Player 1 set NAP with tribe B
    Player 1 set tribe C as enemy

    This provides a single point of reference for leadership to quickly see significant changes.

    In other games battle reports have a text box and a "Forward" button near the top to allow one to send reports to a specific player name or to an entire tribe. This is a fun brag feature and is quite useful in resolving he said/she said arguments between tribes about who attacked whom first.

    Another helpful feature of some other games is that when one is in the world map the cursor turns to an arrow that points to home (main village) and displays the distance from home. This helps keep one oriented, especially here since we can't zoom out on the world map.