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    I think the whole idea is to make that truth a little more...reasonable.

    The main post seems to be focused on the 10X system. If the proposal was along the lines of "Players recently attacked cannot be attacked by out players for N hours" then I would agree. But I think that the 10X range is probably the right one for the game to be playable. While there are people out there who do it because they can I think it's more likely that the majority attack because they need the resources. If you restrict the pool, you'll also restrict growth and so ultimately the number of people who can attack you will end up being similar just with higher stakes. If there's a tribe or group who are out there to bully you, you might cause more damage back to them but they will still bully you.

    I notice that in tribe chat wrapping text in * produces italics..
    I can't figure out what other modifiers there are e.g for producing ordered/unordered lists, bold, underline, etc..
    If someone can share this it would be much appreciated.


    EDIT - Update

    starting a text line with *[space] makes an unordered list in tribe chat

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    Quote from Kutz Chman

    While this would be nice, I would find it more helpful if the city icon on the world map changed to indicate city size. This would save us from having to stop scrolling and hover over an icon and wait for the popup box to find targets of a certain size.

    The challenge with that idea is that it bypasses some of the espionage activity.. perhaps it could only update once you have already spied it? To which point.. some kind of info box that lets you see if/when you last spied a city and what the results were without having to trawl through the mire of messages would also be very welcome

    While it doesn't make any significant tangible change to gameplay, it would be a nice touch if the appearance of the buildings changed as they are upgraded. This would help build the sense of achievement as you grow and upgrade your cities and perhaps help keep some players in the game for longer.
    See example below for Sun Temple

    Honestly, I don't think limiting the range makes sense at all. At that range you'd actually see the game turn stagnant as you will almost always see significant troop losses in any battle. Given that a large number of players never make it beyond the 5k mark before quitting (we have ~4792 players on our server but only 522 of those have hit even 2400, ~3800 never reached 1000) It would also make it very difficult for cities just leaving beginner's protection to make use of all the inactives to grow with anything other than resources and barbarians... a distinct disadvantage.

    On the other hand, after 5 days or 2400 points when you leave beginners protection, you could be attacked by someone with 24k points.. a score at the point of building a 2nd city.. most likely with eagles and certainly atlatls.. you have no chance of even causing casualties to.

    So imho viable options are,
    * Make no changes and teach new members to walk like the rest and nurture them to grow quickly.
    * Extend Beginner's protection to 5 days or 5k
    * Make different scale (or perhaps a form of beginner's protection buff) that limits who you can be attacked by between 2.4k and ~10k e.g: you can only be attacked by someone 2X bigger at 2K increasing to 10X bigger at 10k

    The ultimate truth here, is the more you coddle new players, the harsher the truth they will face once they are no longer under protection.. just like any other game the ultimate answer is to learn to play.