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    I thought the new server was suppose to be a standard server with the attack difference 10 x the size difference between the attacker and the defender. It was advertised as being a "standard" server, but the attack differential is not 10 x the size difference on the server. It seems to be a 5 x differential. Why was it advertised as a new "standard" server if the attack differential is not the "standard" 10 x ratio? ?(

    I'm not sure I get the full idea of the post by Sevral, but I agree that the idea of a failed spy attempt should not count as an attack. That is ridiculous. Spying is not an exact science. You sometimes have to send multiple spy missions to get necessary information and to count a failed attempt at spying as an attack is beyond ridiculous. And then you cant attack a city for 12 hours after you fail a spy mission? This is crazy. That is one point of the patch that is going to ruin the game even further.

    When you gain 800 points in game then you are allowed to chat on global chat automatically.

    Hello Developers,

    I am writing with the concern that if a player goes inactive (quits the game) that it is still possible for that player's troops to be tambo'd in another player's tambo and used by another player. This seemingly gives an unfair advantage to other players. My proposal is that if a player goes inactive, then their troops should also be inactive. A player who quits the game should not be able to give his/her troops to others to use after they have stopped playing.

    If a player needs to be absent from the game then vacation mode should be used. If the player does not return to the game by the time vacation mode runs out, then their troops should remain in their city to be farmed along with their resources. Troops of inactive players should not be allowed to "live on" in the game when an account goes inactive.

    I have no problem with players sharing troops via tambo as long as both accounts are actively playing the game, but when a player needs to leave the game, then their troops should have to return to their city and their city put on vacation mode. If a player puts troops in another tribe member's tambo and their account goes inactive, then those troops should return to the inactive city and be able to be killed and resources farmed from that inactive player's cities. Please recognize that allowing an inactive account's troops being able to be used after the account is no longer active is an unfair advantage in the game. Technically, the troops of the inactive account should also be inactive as well. You created vacation mode for a reason. Troops are not allowed to be shared when a player goes into vacation mode so why should their troops be allowed to be active when the account is no longer active? Please reconsider letting this type of game play continue.

    Thank you!


    Ok, so just because you dont think it's unfair doesnt mean it isnt unfair. Good that you have been playing the game for years. I am not asking your opinion in the first place. My post was directed toward the developers. You have your views. I have mine. I am very much entitled to ask the developers to look into this matter. It doesnt mean they will change it. I was just asking them to look into it because it gives an unfair advantage to other players if a person quits the game and they are kept in a clan just so their troops can be used. In my opinion, there should be 2 options, either quit playing the game (and your troops go inactive with your account) or go on vacation mode if you plan on coming back to the game. And I said "in my opinion". This post is directed toward the developers to ask them to look into this option. And, I will email with my suggestion as well. So again, thank you, Captian Obvious.

    I was not saying I was representing all players. I have no clue why you are so hostile. I was suggesting that the developers look into changing this option. It makes no sense to allow active players to use inactive players' troops. And thank you, Captian Obvious, for telling me I can quit the game. I am not quitting the game. I am trying to make it a bit more fair.

    It is a bug. Tambo'd troops are only suppose to be shared between tribe members only. Report it if you know that people who are not in the same tribe are sharing troops. That is not supposed to be allowed in game. Email They will investigate the situation.

    I was not crying. I was just pointing out that if an account is inactive then the troops that go with that account should be inactive as well. If you need to leave for a period of time, then put your account on vacation mode and be gone for a period of time. If you are gone for over 2 weeks due to illness, then how would you have known that before you gave your troops to someone else to hold? That makes no sense. You can always get online at least one time in 2 weeks to reactivate your vacation mode. Inactive accounts should have inactive troops. If you need to leave the game for a period of time, then go on vacation mode. You are going to tell me that someone can quit the game and never come back and someone else can use that person's troops forever is fair play? Nope, sorry. Not right.

    Why is it that if a player goes inactive that his/her troops can remain active in the tambo of another player? This seems a bit unfair that another player is allowed to use an inactive player's troops in their tambo. Please correct me if I am wrong but I believe there is a situation like this happening right now on one of the servers. A player is inactive but left their troops in an active player's tambo and those troops of the inactive player can be used by the active player. If this is true, then this seriously needs to be changed. It gives a very unfair advantage.

    Thank you!

    If you dont have the time to commit to the game, then the answer is simple. Dont play the game. Stop trying to change it and just go play something else. And I even posted where it was NOT advertised as an EB game but you fail to see that or recognize that. You want to mold this game to your expectation of what it should be. If you have the time, then play. If you dont have the time then go find another game. End of discussion. Stop beating a dead horse.

    I just looked at the official advertisement for the game of Tentlan on Facebook (which is where I found out about the game originally) and this is what it says:

    In the heart of the rainforest, a stunning view opens up to a white limestone city - your city in Tentlan. Travel back to mysterious cultures, become a mighty emperor, and experience the Mayan civilization in your own skin!

    * Take the place of a governor Ahau and develop your settlement to a great empire!

    * Recruit the legendary Jaguar and Eagle warriors and lead them to the battle!

    * Control the seasons through rituals and use their effects to your advantage!

    Play now:

    Nowhere on this description does it say it is only and Empire-Building game. It clearly states that you can recruit Jaguar and Eagle warriors and lead them into battle, so if you had read the description fully, and comprehended it, then a person would assume that if troops were involved in a game, it would NOT only be an Empire-Building game. Tentlan should not have to change the dynamics of the game due to your distaste of the "attack and war" aspect of the game. You are the one who should either adapt to the game or go find one more suited to the style of game you want to play.

    I will agree that the 10 times attack rule should be scaled down to more suitable odds. It does promote bullying and encourages coiners (but if there werent coiners, then the game would make no money). I find the 2 times the attack rule to be very fair on the new peace server. I would NEVER be interested in a server where you could only attack barbarians and build. That is boring and would not generate revenue for the game. You have been posting on this forum for the game to change for a long time. I have reviewed some of your previous posts. The game needs some tweaking here and there but if you learn to play correctly, then the game should be enjoyable. If the game is not enjoyable to you, then I wish you the best in finding a game that is.

    I cannot harvest my produce farms, the tribe chat will not load and I keep getting a connection error on Sayil. All other servers are working fine so I know it is not my computer. Please check the server.

    Thank you!

    Bulgarian pet? He speaks English, thank you. And I will express my displeasure over this merger if I choose. I have already stated that if I wanted to play on an international server I would have joined one. This is about a merger. It is not about one particular person. However, being who you are, you would have to interject something totally unrelated into the thread. And thank you for your permission to play or quit, because Captain Obvious, I know those are my choices since the developers of this game took it upon themselves to merge an English speaking server with international servers without regard to the fact that some people dont want to play on international servers and signed up to play on particular servers because they were English speaking only. Now move along with your personal attacks. I am trying to speak about the server merge.

    I am EXTREMELY upset about the merge of English Xultun with international servers. If I wanted to play on an international server, I would have signed up on an international server to begin with. Do you have any clue the chaos you are creating? Playing the game everyday is challenging enough. Now you are throwing into it the problems of trying to communicate with people who are speaking 5 or 6 different languages. Communication is key in this game for a good tribe to be able to function. Who has time to try to sit and translate 5 or 6 different languages while trying to coordinate attacks and defense? You are ruining this game for a lot of people by doing all these international merges. Also, there wouldnt be a need for so many server merges if you would stop opening all these new servers before other ones can be established. If you advertise a server as English speaking, then keep it as English speaking. That is why people signed up to play on that server in the first place. I have nothing against any other countries or their people or language but I specifically signed up on Xultun English server because the people on there were expected to speak English. Now you have totally changed my game play experience without any regard to how the people on the server might feel about going international. I have put in a lot of hard work and time on Xultun English and have to think long and hard about whether or not I am going to be continuing as a player there because of this ridiculous merge.

    My first thought is that you need to learn to walk your troops and resources so that you dont get wiped out. There is an FAQ section here on the forums that has a thread about defense and protection. You might want to give that a read so that you will be able to avoid attacks in the first place. I really dont know what support can do for you in this situation. In the FAQ section there is also an answer about a "protection period" for attacks. Hopefully, the FAQ section of these forums will help your situation from happening again. Give them a read.

    I agree, Stormqueen. If I choose to play an English speaking server then I expect to stay on an English speaking server. I do not want the game to determine whether or not I get thrown on a server with a language or languages I do not speak. If I wanted to be on an international server, I would have chosen to join one in the first place. I don't blame you for quitting the international server, dusty. Nobody has time to google translate all day when they are trying to play the game.

    The players you mentioned above filed no complaint and you are sorely mistaken. Your tribe are the leaders at troop sharing and gifting and pushing, so you need to look at your own tribe instead of trying to point fingers at other players. Troops can still be shared using tambo's as you are well aware of since you, yourself, have tambo'd your troops in bigger players' tambos (Perwi and Raw since you named them above) to help wipe out smaller players. I have the report with your name on it posted on my tribe board. Please do not come on these forums and complain about troops sharing when you are right in the middle of a tribe that does it on a daily basis. I would bet that if administration went and looked at Perwi and Raw (since you mentioned them above), they couldnt even tell whose troops belong to whom because they share them so much. They probably dont even know whose troops belong to each other at this point. I hope administration does take a look into Perwi and Raw's accounts on Xultun and try to make sense of the mess of troops they transfer back and forth to each other on an hourly basis, however, since they spend so much money on the game, this will probably never happen and that is unfortunate.