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    No, I don't give up and I don't hide behind attack protection. If I did give up, I would never get anywhere in the game. I also don't ask questions that anyone who has any common sense should know the answer to. Now that you have your answer, you can stop addressing me on here and get on with your game. Happy hiding!

    Spying you twice a day, as you stated, is not hindering your game play. It is perfectly legal to spy a player in order to attack them. If you choose to move your resources when you are spied, then that is good game play on your part. It is a war game and you need to expect to be spied and attacked by players. They have every right to spy you to see if they want to attack or not. Also, it does not matter what a players' points levels are. If the game allows them to spy you, then it is also legal. I think you are exaggerating things just a bit about having to walk your troops and resources all day long. How would you have 83k points if you weren't allowed, at some point, to build and research and recruit?. I think you just want to complain about having to move your troops and resources and are trying to complain about people who are just playing the game the way it was designed to be played.

    Learn how to walk your troops and resources and you wont get hit and lose everything every day. Learn to play the game and stop whining.