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    It also means that if a small player is being attacked by a bigger player his bigger tribemates cannot help him because it just makes him even more vulnerable by removing his protection from very large players. This is even more true now that there will no longer be the option to transfer troops to help a small tribemate rebuild.

    Isn't the point more about choice rather than the language involved?
    Some people like International servers and others prefer to avoid the added complications. The issue is that if you choose to join a language specific world then you are entitled to feel irritated if a server merge changes that.

    This still seems worryingly fuzzy.
    For one thing it would not seem reasonable to sanction someone now for something that was ok at the time it happened. If it wasn't ok at the time then it should have been addressed then not now. To be honest if you transfer troops to another player you do so at your own risk. The change in the game mechanics to prevent future troop transfers is really not relevant to pushing issues. If it is sufficient to break the rules now then it was at the time. Simple one off transfers do not seem to meet the requirement for 'pushing', otherwise the capacity to do so should never have been available since it could not have been done without breaking the rules.

    From a different aspect the fact that a player received transferred troops does not necessarily mean that they were retained by that player. For instance player A decides to stop playing and transfers his troops to Player B so that they will not be wasted. Player B however rather than keep all for himself transfers troops to other members of the tribe. In this case there is a single transfer to Player B which appears to be acceptable. Player B makes multiple transfers to other players which also appears acceptable since a) he has not retained benefit of the troops and b) no one player is gaining preference. The players receiving the troops are also gaining a one off gift which also appears to be within the rules.

    It does seem to me that since troop transfer will no longer be possible and this has been fully publicised it would be better to save everyone a headache and draw a line under the whole thing.

    I actually think the disadvantage of a late start is less than in many games. There is never a level playing field since an aggressive player with a lot of time will always grow much faster than a peaceful one with limited time. The rules limiting attacking help here but much of it is about strategy. That can be anything from how you react to an attacker to making sure you walk your troops to making a note of when the attacks happen so you can identify when you need to be most alert. Other strategies are also possible like stashing troops in a tribemate's tambo (possibly also boosting his corn supply).

    On the whole the best strategy seems to be to be a very boring target. That works whatever your size.
    On another note I also find it interesting that the most aggressive players are also entirely likely to offer good advice on defending. That doesn't just apply to Tentlan either.

    This isn't the place for personal attacks or quarrels and as always there will be more to the story than meets the eye. Since I am not the player concerned it's is for them to comment or not as they wish on that score. I do have some observations though -

    1. Nahuals are a short term problem
    2. There is a defence against them spying your troop movements
    3. There are protections built into the game limiting the number of attacks possible
    4. There is a statement that there is proof of cheating by this player on the forum. This means that either the devs are not doing their jobs OR the allegation is .... mistaken. However I can imagine that any player would react rather negatively to such a public accusation.
    5. So far as I can tell there is nothing stopping a player from having multiple accounts, as long as only one account is used per world.

    My personal view is that I don't see any reason why a big player helping a smaller player should be an issue unless that player is contributing all their resources to helping a single player at the expense of the viability of their own account. I would expect such assistance (with odd small exceptions) to be within the tribe however. I don't make the rules though.

    Nor do I really think Tentlan is any more unbalanced than many other games. I have seen worse. I do think the whole relocation things needs reviewing though .... both in terms of attacking and using it to relocate all cities to the far corners of the server. It's a two way street ..... either limit it in terms of attack AND defence .... or don't.