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    u have tentlan helper ranks, tat gives u info about all servers, but im with emilina , displaying ranks of all server on the forum is a very good idea

    nd, how about buying troops from my tribe, we talk about paying 3x price for troops, 5x jag price for 1 nahual , is this ok ? i cant spend the resoures fast enought so i want to do it

    my question is about the so called pushing rule. its pushing if 2 accounts "trade" and send resources and troops in a favor of 1 of them ....

    however a lot of games have the so called pulling rule .... higher ranked players r allowed to give resources to lower players ...

    in my case its liek this: i attacked and looted a lot of resources .... more then could use atm .... i offered the free resources in tribes chat to empty my warehouse, since i still had several targets to raid ... we talked about the pushing rule and decided not to do it since that could be counted as pushing of a lower player(some call that pulling and allow it)

    could someone maybe explain the rule a little better ?

    Single or occasional transfers of troops/resources between fellow tribe members to help each other, as well as troop transfers for joint actions (joint attacks, defense, etc.) of fellow tribe members, as long as such transfers do not occur regularly and unilaterally for the benefit of the same account, are not considered as pushing.

    in my case i want to push a player with 20% of my points ... i want to give him some resources so i empty my warehouse and move on with raids

    em the #4 rule is not about that .... im not allowed to send u 10000 attacks with 1 lancer ... but if i spy u and attack u once every 12 hours its ok ... (im not one of them, just giving example)

    ty for the informations ... i attacked higher players so i had no limit :) yea i checked the rule #4 and talked about it with other players and that rule has nothing to do with me i think since i attacked 5 times the same city, which is 18 minutes away and thats it .... 1 major attack and 4 following attacks with some lancers and poloms only ...

    ty ery much for helping me out

    hi, i thought if i destroy a city , i cant attack it instantly again, now i figured out i can do it.... is there any rule about what is the max number of attacks ? i attacked higher ranked players and raided the city in a wave attack so i emptied the city and destroyed the walls too the ground, i waved 5 attacks at the same time with decreasing number of poloms and allways 1000 lancer (first attack was max attack with entire army to destroy the enemy) ...

    so my question, do we hae any rules about how to attack or how not to attack a city ?

    i dont understand exactly how can i prevent a player from connecting to the game ?

    is there any limit beyond the limit that is made ingame for attacks ?

    if the player has 8 cities, amy i allowed to spy all of them at once ? what is the definition of "disproportional amount" ?

    i just wanna know, what exactly means stamina - 100% due to corn shortage ... does that mean i kill all the units like my 10 lancers can kill 1000000 lancers ? is there any way to calculate a battle if u see that the other player is inactive for 2 weeks ? so its stamina should be 100%- since he is gray for 2 weeks and has a lot of corn usage


    Hi I'm new and i would like to know, how do i calculate out the points of an army, like i have 1000 jags , how many points r the 1000 jags worth ? If possible give me a formula for resource costs or a number of points for each unit ?