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    Hello, there is a feature that is not added to the game, but I think it would be a useful little addition, and that is basically the ability to pin certain threads like help sections and information created in tribe chats to always be displayed at the top of tribal chat, and also to be able to get unpinned at a later date.

    Update: I've just seen that his has already been suggested a while ago, just leaving it for potential uh 'refresh' on the topic

    I've always wondered why there is so much space outside the city walls in the city view map, and I think it should be utilised for some aesthetic pleasure, such as:
    - perhaps, if battles were to be extended at some future version of the game (or not), you could see the attacker's makeshift camp around your walls, preparing to siege your city
    - regarding aesthetic differentiation when upgrading buildings, if that were to be added, you could see farms expanding outwards into the wilderness for every few upgrades done to the corn/cocoa farms
    - there could be included a massive training ground and barracks for the units when you upgrade the jaguar temple to a certain level to compensate for a bit of reality, saying that you'd have a really hard time training and mustering troops in a cluddered, overpopulated settlement
    -the walls could expand outwards every now and then when you would upgrade them, compensating for the lack of space in your city (and giving space to some future buildings?)
    - or you could be able to see your other closely founded settlements on the corners of the map, for aesthetic purposes