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    Dear Tentlan team,

    game shop allows paying for city movement that is nice option for player and even surely Lionmoon company has the best income right from thic order, but it leads to unbalancing the game. I would like to share with you this strategy.
    Player can move whenever and immediately his city for offensive purposes that his city is located directly next to his target, to which is consequently sent attack with army of whole tribe. The targated player has just 5 seconds for reaction. It is impossible to react even the player is online.
    In consequent whoever can lose whole 1 year recruited army in only 5 seconds. In that case does make sense for us to continue in game?

    Whole czech team has already left izapa server from this reason and we can see these practices are applied also on Labna server by tribe which started with more than twice points after server merge.

    I have idea how to fix it by one easy implemented rule into game:
    When city is moved, first attack can be sent after 24 hours from this city.
    Or the city movement will take 24 hours and the final place will be previously known for others.

    Otherwise you lost czech nationality in this game in first moment when this unfair practice will be applied anywhere on server again.

    Best regards