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    I like the idea of being able to narrow down what you get from the wheel by choosing what to sacrifice, but I think it would be nice if you could choose specifically when and where boosts would activate . . .

    i agree with this opinion. it would really be more meaningful if you can store the reward for use later. also i guess there would be a co-relation between the worth of the sacrifice and the worth of the reward. though a small sacrifice might produce a great reward, if the reverse is true, then high worth material would never be sacrificed at all, and it reduces your options and the attractiveness of the exercise.

    If everything in barbarian villages is randomly generated then it will become difficult to spy them.

    yes, what is the chance of your losing all your spies when you spy on the barbs? they could be anything from lvl 1 strength to lvl 9..

    and if you lose the spies, there is the time to make them again. and you really don't know how many you have to make to be successful.

    this is a question that has been on my mind also.

    it will be really useful, if while upgrading a building, or doing a research, or recruiting a unit, the points that the action carries is shown along with the costs.


    if a player from a tribe is suspended, can the admin(s) of the tribe get an explanation - reasons - for the suspension from the game admins?

    i am asking this because normally an enquiry to the support email takes a bit of time to come back with a response.



    i am curious about the following scenario:

    wall upgradation is going on, say from lvl 20 to lvl 21
    an attack occurs before the upgradation is complete and pulls the wall down to lvl 19.


    1. will the upgradation of the wall continue?
    2. if it does, after it is finished, what will be the wall lvl?



    is playing on multiple servers by the same player allowed?

    if so how can one join another server.

    in my 'create account' page i can see only one recommended server, and no way to type in the name of another server.



    if a player goes inactive with his troops in another's tambo, what happens to his troops? can they still be used by the tambo owner?


    camp in the tambo

    there's is a building tambo called
    inside the tentlan city fold.
    it is giving me and my tribe's fellows good,
    sleepless nights mates, all be told.
    just learning how to camp in the tambo.

    ok i am going to stretch this a bit.
    fact is i have an issue and support has not replied yet..

    there is a sundari, a beautiful lass
    has cities; between mine own they pass.
    it is a pity she is inactive now;
    passing our gates we could have sat down
    for tea and snacks on a golden dawn.

    since she is inactive, my wish is that the cities could be removed, so that nothing comes between my cities...

    the limmerick contest on tentlan is over,
    past yesterday the midnight hour.
    so what here is one from me,
    for the sake of fun guys of you and me.
    for prizes amazon count me not.

    For a very simple reason someone had to be in tambo having at least 1,677,567 points, in this case, the weaker player in the system is stronger for the attacker

    i don't understand this.

    do you mean that if a weak player has allied troops in his tambo, then for the 10% rule, the combined points made up by the allied troops and his own troops will apply?

    that is right. in the overview of the feast, it should be mentioned that the cool down period is initially 2 weeks, which can be reduced by upgrading cosmology.

    i tried bitly. but they have a non secure redirection server, and tentlan appears not to like that (or so it seems).

    when the url is clicked, the ":" after the http is removed, and the resulting url results in a server not found error..

    so no solution yet for my loong web address problem..


    there is box in the settings page of the tribe where one can provide an address for the tribe's web site. but this box appears not to accept more than 50 characters. this at least in my case is too small to accommodate the full address.

    is this limitation intentional? if so what is the intention? if not why not allow a reasonable length in that box?


    ok thanks. i saw some messages after the server merges informing ppl of the area that they can use,
    and assumed that every server has its own such area.

    thanks again for the clarification.


    excuse me again if this is an old question, and the answer is there somewhere already. i searched for it and couldn't find it.

    question is which is the discussion area for mayapan india?

    thanks in advance,

    apart from the risk of someone else nabbing what you put there ( this is a remote chance, and would happen by chance ) :

    you would have to do it multiple times because of the 40% limit on the loot.
    even then in the end you would lose a small amount which is not worth raiding for