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    this new merger again throws those of us without multilingual abilities into the fire, if i wanted to speak other languages i would have joined other language groups, this is totally unfair to those of us, who signed up to play on english servers. i have already been forced out of one server and now maybe two more due to this stupid policy soon i won't be playing at all. is this what you want for your game. :(:thumbdown:

    was a little disappointed when yaxha server merged, all the other servers were international, i don't speak other languages and it is extremely difficult to stop and run to google to translate something every time someone talks. I finally gave up and quit the server i know others have too in frustration. how about considering an all english merger next time, would really help keep players in game.

    i must say i do not share troops with Dee-Dee of lpc yes we hit targets sometimes at the same time, i use my troops and only my troops in all my battles, i do not transfer them to dee-dee since for one we are in different tribes, and two i don't believe in this pushing thing, i don't make players give me their troops to raise my score or to help attack, my people will split up an enemy by each member of the tribe hitting one of the enemies cities at the same time in a coordinated attack but each of them use their own troops. that is how you take out bigger players with joint cooperation in your tribe, not sharing of troops.

    how will you know if troops have been returned? An what if to help someone out you sent them some polos or something months ago how do you get them back or even remember who you gave some troops to months ago? How far back can you have given troops and not worry about being banned for not giving them back or having troops returned to you ? ?(