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    They could at least give a large number of turquoise to make it easier.

    I am used to the settlers beta, and it always resets to a very high level player with very advanced buildings AND a huge pile of free usually-for-money goods. That wya you can focus on testing the stuff that actually matters.

    Spying is not a violation of the rules. Multiaccounting IS a violation of the rules. I am not disparaging your tribe's game skill. I am only asking that we be given a chance to play on equal ground--without anyone having benefitted from cheating.

    I accept the risk that you get spies to join our tribes. That is part of the game. I am only discussing the fact that your spying was done through illegal play and that your account was playing illegal yet passed troops on to others in your tribe, whom I am assuming are playing legally.

    I have made no accusations beyond what has been acknowledged by dev as fact and my own knowledge of where those alternate named accounts were played. The screenshot is only mentioned as it confirms your tribe mates KNEW you were cheating and knowingly used information obtained through cheating, yet did not report you or kick you from the tribe. This includes them in a certain amount of guilt.

    Do you deny having spied on other tribes through multiaccounting?

    Do you deny sharing the information obtained from your spying with your tribemates?

    Do you deny that decisions to attack other players or the amount of troops needed were made based on information obtained from your spying while multiaccounting?

    Do you deny that your multiaccounted Nikneim account transferred troops and/or resources to your tribe mates?

    These are the acts I am discussing. The transfer itself I am not questioning. Had you been playing legally, your transfers would have been legal, IMO, but you weren't--you were cheating.

    I want to know if admin is now saying--by refusing to enact any sanctions against those who benefitted from your cheating or to reimburse other players who were damaged by your cheating--that it is fine to cheat for a while and feed your tribe mates with troops and resources while you cheat. All that happens afterwards is that you personally start over, while everyone damaged by your cheating gets nothing and everyone improved by your cheating gets to keep the illgotten gains.

    To me that is a green light for short term cheating, especially if you are good enough, as you were, not to get caught easily by the system. I have no interest in playing a game where cheating is greenlighted in this fashion.

    One further clarification. I am NOT claiming that the transfer of troops/resources is in themselves cheating. I am complaining that Nikneim was cheating and that troops/resources were transferred from him to other players. I am also complaining that other players were able to obtain more troops/resources/points by using information obtained through cheating. All those troops/resources/points are still in the game, which is what I, at least, deem unfair.

    You say that sanctions would be applied to accounts gaining resources or troops from the cheating accounts.

    If that is the case, why does it seem to those of us in the game that that has not happened in the current situation? I had hoped to avoid discussion of specifics, but I fear it is to some extent necessary. We need you developers to make a statement and eliminate speculation.

    What sanctions have been placed on Nikneim's tribe in return for goods and military that they may have obtained from Nikneim while he cheated (all of the involved accounts were cheating, not just the ones named something else)? What sanctions have been placed to compensate for losses other players obtained because of information they obtained by cheating?

    We had all been having in-tribe discussions of military units, attacks, and their effectiveness... how well they seemed able to withstand an attack. Who got hit by what when. So it is likely that in many cases, players were wiped out because they posted to their tribe what military they had--things they would have been unable to see themselves because of levels of espionage and towers. We also on occasion discussed going offline for a shorter or longer period. Additionally, since he had a multiple in our tribes, he could just go on the tribe wall and see who was and wasn't online, so would or wouldn't be able to move their troops away when an attack happens. That information is not meant to be available outside the tribe.

    The screen shot pasted in a previous discussion proves that he shared information of other tribes with his tribe mates. Since we know that, we want to know that there are sanctions!

    Yes, CHI also has many members complaining of similar issues. It is stressful, not fun, so why bother? Many have already left and many of those who are back have discussed it. I believe we have at least 3--THAT I KNOW OF--who have chosen to go on vacation in the past few days. Some with hope of possibly coming back if things seem to improve. The rest of us are stuck here tryign to keep an eye on things on behalf of our tribe mates.

    I have also tried to explain privately to M0H0 how I and others feel about the questions of cheating. I will not comment on that part here, as I believe it will only worsen the situation and cause more bad feelings. I'd like to think we can move forward somehow at some point.

    I second the request for zooming on the world map. I only play on a laptop and there really isn't much of the world on a smaller screen.

    I would also appreciate enabling an alternative to the scroll both places. Something like a + and - keycode.

    Yes, waterfox is a 64-bit version of Firefox. It is far more stable (in my experience) for all the flash stuff, etc.

    My issue also may be related to speed. It comes up mainly when I clean out a couple invites in a row--a row of inactives or ones who have joined other tribes.

    If it's a browser issue, no big deal. But better to file too many bugs and let them be discarded than to fail to file something that mattered somehow. I make no attempt at understanding the code.

    In light of recent event, some questions and discussion has arisen within my tribe. So we are requesting a clarification of the rules from Dev, as no one else can be certain of anything. I hope this is the correct forum for this question, but it seemed the most appropriate choice.

    1) If one is banned, is the banning intended to be a ban of the PLAYER or merely a ban of the account? Is it acceptable for the banned person to start a new account or take over an existing account from someone else?

    2) Are bans server-specific or applicable to all servers? If someone is banned here, can they go play on one of the other servers (or continue to play on one of the other servers)?

    3) Could we be given more technical info on how banning works (is it IP based, which can be gotten around with proxies, etc.)? I realize you may not be comfortable including this information, as it might give a means to work around a ban, but there was some innocent speculation (we do get curious, you know), so I wanted to include the question and let you decide how much we can be told.

    Thank you.

    I am running waterfox (am 64 bit and waterfox is more stable for my other activities) 38.1.0.

    Sometimes the error pops up and disappears quickly. Sometimes it pops up and will go away if I try to do anything. Sometimes it freezes my game tab and I have to refresh.

    It seems usually that the person I delete is gone from the list... so it completes the action, just whines about it.

    Not a critical error, obviously. But I try to report everything so it doesn't go missed, also as it might be a sign of a deeper issue I'm not noticing.

    I've had this happen several times now and this time I pulled myself together to take a screen shot.

    What I was doing at the time was cleaning out older invites that players hadn't responded to. It didn't happen every time but more than once and I've had it in the past doing similar.

    Do you need any other information? Browser or anything?

    Thank you M0H0. That would be much appreciated. Sometimes you find a player you just don't get along with well, and it is nicer to be able to block them than to have to duck out of chat.