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    wow, didn't expect tentlan to support homophobes... this game is a war game no one should start insulting and belittling others because of their life style, and GC should be respectful and mostly talks about the game and fun. this guy I saw him never letting go of that fact on a gay player, insulting none stop, and he has nothing else to say!. and he is like a broken record thinking he is right in doing that... I don't agree with him.. this is a war game, not an insult/bully/belittle platform towards people who are different and just want to play the game...

    the event this weekend says:
    Weekend event:+50%

    what the heck is that event, I checked with my transports they neither can carry more and loot is NOT 50% more so what is it???
    and when I click on the window to get info, it disappear instead of taking me to the right page! ?(

    I wanted to go on AP but before I hit someone, when they got back (my troupes) I wanted to activate AP but it sais: you recently launched and attack please wait a few hours... now how long must I wait to be able to activate my AP?? :?: