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    Co-ordinates are a very important thing in a war game, and the should not be out there for everyone to see. If someone finds your city they can write down the coordinates shown on the world map. However when accessing a players profile you should not be able to see their co-ordinates. Especially when during a free city relocation event you want to go and hide your 1st city with your other hidden cities far off hidden in the map because then people will be able to find all your cities. Also why is it possible to search up players cities.... This should not be a feature. It allows people to find out the coordinates with ease as long as you know the city name which can eventually be guessed

    It's nice to know that you want to get a good update out but as someone who has been playing on off for more than a year and a half I know that there has been nothing added to the game. You're progress must be going very slowly indeed.

    I agree with you on everything other than the cost it shouldn't cost turquoise, it should be free, what I think is an icon appears above the farm when its ready to be collected and when clicking that it collects. Something like that, with the option to run the same job again so 10 minutes or an hour whatever

    Although I am very grateful that the game developers still do bug fixes and very minute patches as well as release new servers. I wish there would be some actual substantial update with actual things in game not just change the barbarian refresh rate. Maybe a new research, maybe a new building, maybe a new troop type. Maybe change what the players city look like on the map depending on there points? Just something actually physically added to the game to make people more excited.