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    Dear Developers

    I never ceases to amaze me that cheaters continue to be allowed to play on this server. Despite the player Ayat playing multiple accounts he/she gets a 48 hour ban then comes back and continues to do the same thing. When will you clamp down on these cheaters? It is so easy to spot this happening because of the multiple flag changes to Morocco on other team members accounts. If we can see it why cant you?


    Yep I have been have terrible problems connecting to this server. It freezes constantly and I haven't been able to view my notifications for days. It just says it is loading by never does. Yesterday was the worst, couldn't even move my troops. All the other servers I am on work fine. Other players on this server are having problems as well. Thanks for reporting CatWoman.

    So the kALNAUAK server was merged at 11.04 on 3rd March 2021

    'Moho posts...Wednesday, 11:04pm+2
    Kalnauak (intm33) merge is now complete! You may access Kalnauak via the following link:

    Good luck to everyone! Remember that the 48 hour transition period applies now. Have fun!'

    Please explain why the 48 transition period finished at 20.10 gmt? Two hours earlier.

    If you say 'now' it means the time you post otherwise you should make yourself clearer...for example...the transition period expires at (whatever time you state).

    I agree with you Manon. If all your players are too high for the other servers, when you merge with a server who are significantly lower in points then we will all be playing Farmville.

    Looking at the Group 4 merger due tomorrow, it does appear a little unfair particularly in regards to the French server with the leading tribe with a score of over 1billion. The points between the servers merging in group four appear very uneven.

    May I ask what measures are taken to ensure that mergers between servers are more or less like for like and fair?

    Also if a server has already had the benefit of being super fast, it is hardly far to merge with servers who have not.

    I have to agree with CatWoman's comments. The amount of homophobia that this player (IceMan) generates on the Nayatlan server is truly shocking. When challenged about his homophobia before his latest ban his reply was 'so what if I am' (homophobic).

    To my knowledge he has received 3 bans from chat. How many more times do we have to see this extreme homophobia?

    Very disturbing messages from player hnewe1 on Komchen server. Agree with above comment. Player is saying that she is a female aged 13 years asking male players to text her. Also swearing on general chat. Player has minimal points and has been messaging almost daily on general chat. Obviously not joined to play the game.