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    I don't consider myself as a nucance and am a little affended by that remark --- and I believe there are alot of others who feel the same way..

    It has been5 months since the last merge --- Any thought on when the next one will happen ----Sooner the better :?:

    I checked out your post riki --- I see you are looking for a merge also --- but showing top 2 players lvl - does not show whats left on your board --- We have nothing --- sure would love to give you a shot lol

    We have sent messages to other tribes that this server has been won --- We do not wish to destroy anyone left -- some are joining us -- Please let these other players have a future -- merge is needed

    Merge needed --- We are almost 1 million ahead of dead and dying tribes left --- something needs to be done before they all quit

    Almost 2 months -- We are like the hyenas on LION KING --- starving and rechewing bones --- Merge would be nice

    Sure would be nice to at least get an answer -- To the question of next Merge --- But I will continue to bother you until we get one --- Thanx again

    Are anymore Merges coming in the near future --- If not Balamku will be a dead server and you will lose alot of players that make this sight money --- I will not give it a month ---- Players left are 90% long time Veterans

    Balamku might be an English server but at least 1/2 of its member are international players --- We would love a shot