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    I have a question..went to a new server and have no plans on returning to the former can I use my same name on the new one? Do I need to delete my account on the old one first? I had to make a new name for the new server.

    what would really be nice would be to get some input from the admin, since that was who I was asking the question at. Not a bunch of trolls that seem to think nobody knows how to play this game except for them. Stop being so worried about what I say or the questions I ask and tend to your own game. Or has the forum been turned over to a bunch of botters and nobody else has rights here anymore??

    And just HOW does a player use the troops from a tambo that way?? I see it explained nowhere in the battle strats...maybe you could explain that little trick...

    No..not a mole. And not any way to know where troops are placed without a bot or cheat to show movement. That is what happened. Let the server die and let the cheaters set there until they can find another server to ruin. All the larger tribes/players are leaving. Maybe they can find a way to hit the very small players also. I will give you no more money on here. What a waste of a good game.

    lol..yep..because I would rather kill off every troop and get rid of everything than play against botters. Sit there on the server all alone and snivel that you have won. Done playing against bots.

    agree...would rather leave than go against a bot. There is no way that could happen without some spy program! even to hit the one the troops were on their way to?? lol..nah...cheaters.

    really? Lie much?? I suppose those cities just upped and moved all by themselves..HA! You are so silly in your wannibe arrogance !! Go away and stop harressing on my post.

    and if it concerns you so much that we buy turq then perhaps you should talk to the support team about it. you do not support me nor do you pay my bills and what I chose to do with my money is none of your concern. you seem to think you are the boss of Tentlan..I think not, spare me your silly lectures.

    We know how to play and for sure do not need your advice. what we do not do is to use programs that help to see into tribal chats to know exactly what is being moved or to where. you also seem to have a big worry that we spend for turq. It is none of your concern since you do the same thing. Best to worry about your own business.

    I have no time or interest in commenting on your childish yappings on here. You look foolish enough already with your silly postings. Like I said, it is for the admins here to sort it out. This is not a chat box for you to whine in. continue to talk about things only spoken about in tribal chat..we were warned this was also happening. The whole flock comes here to accuse and yet there is no way of knowing just who was talking of reporting without being able to see what was being said. It is for the admins to sort out. Cluck all you want to, in the end it will be seen.