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    I am trying to build my Quetzal Palace but I can't find any amber. Please Tentlan Devs! Do it again!

    I agree - the 1 amber a day really start to be a drag as one moves on up to the larger number of cities [well, as explained by others, 1.01 stones a day if you count the chance of getting an extra stone for the usual attacks]. the extra stone or so for the '50% extra stone' event would be very nice to have on a permanent basis rather than the 1% chance which is the usual.

    When you attack a (lower level?) player (maybe several times) the game bans you and your allies from attacking that player again for 12(?) hours. The problem with this is (as I believe it it implemented) is that that player may attack your tribes different players as many times as he wishes. So, your tribe attacks him 'several times' and he attacks your tribe maybe 20 times in that 12 hours period.

    I would suggest that the limit be changed to a 'you (your tribe members) may attack a player once (maybe several times) PLUS the number of attacks made by that player on your tribe in a 12 hour period". I would think a rolling 12 hour window would be better but it could be implemented differently to lessen server load.

    I paid more attention this time on 4th city: 10K max. Took 30K but started with 3333 each of Stone, Obsidian, and Cacao. Having built
    Observation to level 3, Sun Temple to 5, Moon to 1, Warehouse to 1, and Corn, Cacao, Obsidian, and stone to level 4 I have left 139 Stone, 260 Obsidian, and 2372 Cacao. So that looks like about 3 times as much Stone and Obsidian as Cacao but, unfortunately, that 3333 seems to be the (unstated) maximum storage. Oh, and put the plantations on 10 min production as soon as you can. Since you can't trade or convert resources for a whil, it looks like you should concentrate on stone production and watch your resources.

    As I prepare to build a new city, I save 2 barb attacks for that day. Then I send 1pochteca (carries 10K resources) and 5 bowmen with my settler. Once the Sun Temple is built, I start with corn, cacao, stone & obsidian (in that order). The bowmen can attack barbs while I am upgrading the resources & building the market. Once everything is at lvl 2, I upgrade the Sun Temple to get the population growing & continue the upgrading. When I get it all up to lvl 5, I can then send in resources from elsewhere. It will take a life of its own at this point and I can then get back to the other cities.

    Thank you for your information. I prefer to send 20K resources; 9K each stone & obsidian and 2K Cacao. Other than that, I keep after the resources until level 15-20 plus the Market to level 5 [Warehouse should be level 5 also but that almost takes care of itself]. Of course there are other necessary upgrades like Warehouse, Sun Temple, etc. NOTE: see the following post; the 'extra' 10K resources is just wasted as there appears to be a 3333 max limit for each resource to start with.

    After about level 5, I also tend to run the Obsidian a level or two above Cacao, and that a level or two above Limestone. But for the first 5 levels or so, I agree with your order.

    Maybe I should keep the Cacao at the highest level since I can trade it for more stone or Obsidian than the Cacao itself.

    Hi All

    For me, this will be a bit of rambling to help with founding a your first new city [really more notes for me]. The mechanics of the founding one can be found at FAQ - 10. Founding new cities but it doesn't say anything about what resources to take with you and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the requirement of amber stones; 4 for the first level of the Quetzal Palace which is needed for the first new city, 6 for the second levle needed for the 2nd city, 8 for the third ...

    OK, you have the requirements for level 1 of the Q Palace, call it about 240K of each resource since I didn't write it down before I started the build PLUS the amber. That's about 2hrs 45min wait and then a settler at the Jaguar Temple [17.4K Obsidian, 26.1K Cacao, 43.5 Corn, 1 population & about 40 minutes]. So, we have the settler, now what?

    You can take 6 people with you plus the settler. Asking round, I've gotten advice to take 4.5K Stone, 4.5K Obsidian, and 1K Cacao. Another said to take 20K if you could but at least 10K. See below for 4th city and results of how much was taken

    My approach is going to be level up resources, except maybe corn since I produce plenty of that right now [whoops, can't bring it across so do corn also]. I will also have to level up Market to level 5 so I can trade with my other city as well as other required upgrades, i.e. a storage level up. Since research appears to be needed done only once [not for each city], I will concentrate on resource/needed buildings upgrading for the second city for some time.

    BTW: I like to keep a bit ahead of requirements, i.e. I require 100K to upgrade then storage should be 200K. Corn I try to keep at 24hrs or more of use, i.e. I'm using 100K/hr then max amount should be about 2400K [2.4M].

    That's all for now. I think it would be great if others could add to this to help not only me but other players. click on that icon and it will take you to the map to explore the barbarous villages

    Thank you but that was not what I meant. I explored a little more and found out I could start the Battle Sim by clicking on the icon in the upper right in the 'View full report' tab in the Spy Report. However when I do this I can't seem to load my own troops, building, etc. but have to put them in indivvidually.

    On the other hand, if I can automatically load those for my city [I can't find out how to do that again but I did at one time], I can't do a Barbarian also [I can do the above but that starts a new simulation session].