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    I attacked and spied lot of people (my score is around 400k), i didn't see all possible kind of armies and tactics but there is one thing that weird and all people I met have almost none of them: support units.

    I pretty like this concept, even it's not really developped but still cool. The problem is the ratio for them and the calculate algorithm. You need 10 support unit for 1 normal unit ! And that take also poloms and pochteca !
    Even in background, that make no sense but more in the ingame world. If you have a little army of 100 hunters and 200 poloms, you need 3000 quips and 3000 shamans to reach the max bonus :/

    For me the solution is pretty easy (but maybe hard to balance), a support unit can support multiple normal unit AND boost only warriors : lancers, bows, hunters, nahuals, eagles, jaguars, atlants and ek chua. And that's it !

    Of course for balance the game, the price must be changed and be corolate to how many unit can be boosted. Stats must be changed as well and maybe amazon warriors too for matching with this changing. With that, we can finally use support units in all battles and that can make sense !

    Thanks for reading :)

    Hello again,

    This time it's worth than before ! I send some spies and move resources between cities when I plan to attack barbarian, big mistake !!! When i tried to click on eagle picture for send them, a spy reach his destination, that show up the actions window and click (and validate, obviously) on this damn fu***** button !
    I will never buy turquoises if i can loose them in this dump way ! That was only a season ritual so that take me "ONLY" 10 of them. If it had been a high level research or building, i possibly loose all of them !



    Today I started to command some poloms and then I change my mind and want to make some eagles. So I click on "Cancel" and a confirmation is asked (a good idea ) so I click on it but between the time the pop up appear and my click that "confirmation" disapear and the famous -50% time with turquoise button appear, is validate and here WITHOUT confimation !
    So now i have fast poloms queue (wow amazing...) and not cancelled....
    That cost me almost all of turquoises I got for nothing usefull and wanted !

    This stuff MUST BE change and really fast ! (at least add confirmation button...).

    Thanks for your read.


    Thanks for the reply ! I'm sorry of asking a question that has an answer in the description x)
    In fact, in descriptions there is background informations and factual ones so it's not always easy to find the difference.
    Maybe a graphical split (or bold some stuff in text) can be help a bit ?

    Thanks again for this fast and complete answer (and the link for battle info) :)


    This morning i attack with 10 amazon warrior a barbarian camp (lvl 2). In this city, there is only a city wall level 1 and my army couldn't even destroy it.
    Suprised by this draw, i did some simulations and found really weird results. An example here:

    Is this is a bug or i missunderstand something ?

    Thanks in advance :)


    Ce matin j'ai tenté une attaque avec 10 guerrières amazones contre un camp de barbare (niv. 2). Il n'y avait qu'un mur d'enceinte niveau 1 et elles n'ont même pas réussit à le détruire.
    Surpris de ce match nul, je suis aller sur le simulateur et j'ai fait quelques tests qui ont donnés des résultats incompréhensible, voici un exemple :
    En sachant que dans les statistiques les guerrières amazones sont à 1500 force contre 100 pour les lanciers. S'agit-il d'un bug où y a-t-il une autre explication ?
    Merci à vous :)