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    Why can't you Ban the whole bunch -- Getting way out of hand on alot of your Servers and GAMES -- If not stopped you will lose alot of players We are sick of them

    come on now --- I'm healing troops here --- don't take them away too --- Jeeze :?::?::?::?::?::?: Missing about 30 Jags that should have been healed --- Resources were gone but no troops ?????????????

    We are well aware of Moles --- That is not the problem --- We smashed a player thinking that was it - Has not changed a thing but cost us a good player --- Please look at battle reports --- How can the alliy in the Tambo be the only person that sends Troops --- We can't do that

    I'm sorry but I am done --- Suisides needs to be stopped - they have chased away 2 tribes by cheating and working on a 3rd US.
    There is no way they knew exactly when we cancelled our trap we had set for them -- NO WAY --- They did not even spy -- The minute we pulled out our troops they attacked --- AND I mean within a minute --- We had combined troops waiting on them for over 4 hours -- No spys no attacks ---When we pulled out they attacked --- Tell me please how does t5hat happen with a BOT --- Or someone on the council is protecting them !!!!!!!!! --- I am done ?(?(?(?(:cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing: ??????? Why do you let this go on !!!