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    I'm using this old thread instead of making a new one and to resurrect the idea of game improvements.

    Are there any events or tournaments of any kind? I think that would be a nice addition.

    I did in fact hear from support and they changed my primary email to a different address. As they have mentioned if you email them at the address indicated above from a standard email address i.e. .com, then they can take care of issues for you. I had some trouble with using my email because sometimes it's either flagged as spam or an invalid address to some filters that have not caught up with the more recent domain extensions.

    Also there is a problem with the auto-reply feature in the game so it's best to email them directly.

    I have used a different address and I have requested from the same email as the game is registered to.
    I will try again. As a last resort I will change my official email.

    Thank you


    All I know is that I've emailed several times to that address about not being able to get a confirmation link for my email, and I never get it. One time I changed my confirmation email to another account (a account) and I did get a confirmation email. But that didn't work, because the actual account is under another email.

    So the real email address that the account is tied to doesn't get the confirmation. I contacted support (via that support email address) about it and gave multiple addresses they could respond to about the issue. I've heard nothing on any of those addresses.

    So the conclusion is clearly support isn't contacting people about certain issues if in fact they are contacting anyone at all. Regardless of email issues a post in the forum from support could clear up a lot of confusion. As it stands now, we are just left frustrated and alone in the dark.

    That's really frustrating. I've been trying to get my email verified and they don't send that link to me either and I've contacted support and have heard nothing back. It seems no one hears much from support.

    It's one of the negative points I mentioned in my blog - I just posted an entry about the game at my site.

    Good luck and I hope you get it resolved.

    Let's look at another aspect of this, with the 10% rule for attacking a 500k player can attack a 50k player. Does this seem fair to anyone? The devs have repeatedly stated fair play as an aspect of the game. Seems quite unfair for a 500k player being able to attack a 50k player. Maybe the devs want to rethink the rule/coding on this before they have no player base left.

    I review and play a lot of games, and with the PvP format it is unfortunately the case that some people (probably those with huge insecurity issues) don't play against others at their level but instead look for easy targets in smaller players and harass them to the point they are forced to leave the game. Barbarians are present to be the "I'm just in the mood to attack stuff" target. And while I don't get into it so much a battle between two similar level players I can see as challenging. I like boxing too - but I would not enjoy seeing a heavyweight punch up a lightweight.

    Unfortunately the formula of many game makers is to take advantage of this to try to goad players into spending $ in order to compete. That is why that same formula is applied over and over in almost every MMOG. I was hoping it wasn't the case in this game but based on what I'm reading it's the same old thing.

    IMHO there should be a narrowing of the player point range to make this not happen as much, you can also limit how many attacks vs players you can do more and increase the number allowed for Barbarians. Most importantly allow more reasonable storage protection for resources and troops so that a smaller number of losses of both occur. What I would like to see most is a "peace" or "war" status for players that a player that has specified "peace" cannot attack or be attacked. To change state back and forth (because I am sure many would change to War then attack a lot then change to Peace and say "don't touch me now I'm tired') there should be a penalty or time delay or cost.

    However I expect that like most other MMOG's this one will continue to try to milk its players as much as possible and rely on the nature of those with small 'personal appendages' to compensate by overpowering those weaker than them. It's money for the makers after all...

    There are some games out there (check my page) that avoid this and still maintain a huge following and generate large revenues. I expect more and more players will move to those systems and some MMOG's will simply be collections of the same Warlords endlessly spending time/resources/money trying to outdo each other.

    I hope I'm wrong - as time goes by I'm sure I'll find out one way or another.

    Best wishes all and good luck.

    I've been wanting to get my email validated and although I've tried the 'resend' several times it never comes through. It's an Imap account and not standard but it's valid and tested from assorted locations. I have contacted support a couple times about it and asking why possibly the verification is not coming to me by support hasn't responded. I have supplied them an alternate email address which is an account but still no answer. It seems support isn't contacting people much which is too bad. I'm still hoping for some kind of information.

    Wanted to say Hello.
    I just starting playing and I'm evaluating the game for a review/link on my site. I might make a blog post about it at some point.

    Best wishes all, and Happy Gaming.

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