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    A persistent world is different to a server with a goal. In general I've never seen a tribe of more than 100 succeed in any game without splitting into main and teaching/learning/junior.

    Furry, it absolutely does not protect a player, except against 1 other single player.

    There is no mechanism to stop every single much larger player in the game attacking the one player twice in the same day and most larger and all smaller players attacking them repeatedly. It's just pointless to do (or pointless for anyone to attack any online player) because they can just send their troops and res out to a barb camp or park them in a buddies city. The attacker pays the food costs and has to march all the way home every single time. There's a reason why all games of this type have siege as well as raid attacks (with some having a difference between castles that can be pvp sieged and cities that can only be raided)

    That does indeed help. It seems that my previous guesstimate that 5x the troops to hit each higher level for 1.5x the reward where a little over and that it's more like 4.25x for 1.75x?

    Perhaps a more complete table/explanation of mechanics, as requested a few weeks ago, would be beneficial to all?

    Kurgar, as you rightly observe, some players use this tactic and send the troops (and resources) away if they are online and spot and incoming attack. And as you've already noticed, there is a protection mechanism built in the game that given a score difference of 75%, you (as attacker) won't be able to repeatedly attack the same player for the next 12 hours after the first attack hits. Note that this protection is only valid against attacks towards the same player, so it does not make the defender in any way immune.

    In the situation you describe, I would send a spy just a few seconds before my attack hits, and if there is nothing in the city, then I'd cancel the attack and try my luck some time later :)

    I appreciate the explanation, which is helpful as is the case with any additional information, but I totally disagree with the logic. You suggest sending a scout to hit a few seconds before the attack (which I have been doing (and after)) and then cancelling my attack, just so I can then attack a little later when the player is offline? If you want us to send multiple fakes to multiple targets before our real attack hits and cancel, then cool, but we would need to be able to synchronise and automate such plans, which none of us are yet close to (if it exists) after a month of server life. I'm sorry, but the whole game mechanics are currently about having players on multiple hours per day every day, yet you and your partner check in about twice a week each and have made no obvious improvements yet? I respect how much time and effort has been put into getting the game this far, but I would humbly suggest that if you lose the current small group of willing players, we'll be hard to replace.

    To clarify. 1 instant improvement would be an automated send an attack to leave and therefore land at a certain time

    The funny thing is, it wasn't even the "mad-dog" account that was spotted moving their troops and res in and out of their city to avoid the attacks, was it?

    How funny that you admit it, when it was another account where someone's english and attitude looked familiar :D

    .... and he's not a total idiot so he sent his troops out to the seaside or whatever at the time when your attack hit, so now the game thinks he's really weak and can't defend himself, so won't let you attack again until he's built his wall back up a level and then he'll duck you again.

    So either fix PvP or loosen PvE so we can hit more than 5 times a day. Both broken makes it a non-game and good luck getting another batch of players as willing as the current lot.

    We can't damage another player's city to any extent, we can't capture it and all they need to do is send their troops and res to an alt and send it back afterwards, like mad-dog does.

    That was true when they thought staying tight was smart for defense and transport, but not now they've worked out what my issue is.

    Jaguar temple improves troop recruitment speed.
    Dwarf pyramid improves attack strength.
    Quipu house improves cargo carrying.
    Temazcal house improves troop stamina.

    Between blessings and buildings, everything you want is already included. Build to high levels the buildings you want and your city will be specialised.

    My recollection of what started this issue is that I was contacted by a player of a tribe who is allied to our tribe, saying that they had been raided by mad-dog 2 days in a row. At the time mad-dog was in our tribe. I immediately sent the player who had been attacked roughly double the res/troops that they had lost as compensation.

    Mad-dog was then contacted and asked to say sorry for the misunderstanding. I didn't ask him for the resources that I had sent, although sending them to me would have been a good thing to do. We explained that while we were looking forward to a combat phase of the game later, it is not (in our opinion) in anyone's interests at this time and this stage of beta game development.

    His response was to tell me he would attack who he liked and then to send spies against my city (while still in our tribe). As a result he was booted from our tribe and we advised allied tribes of our experience with him. As ordered by my tribe I attacked his city, killed all the troops he had at that time and have scouted him at least once a day since that. I will continue to do that and kill any troops I find there until/unless my orders are changed.

    That mad-dog is how tribes and alliances work.

    Kurgar vs Barbarians

    02:38 (43 minutes ago) in: [445:572] Tunkuruchu Huch

    Kurgar gained an overwhelming victory on the battlefield



    [Tenoc] Tenochtitlan

    Holcan Lancer

    (0 / 53)


    (99 / 99)


    (103 / 103)


    (123 / 123)

    Holcan Bowman

    (102 / 105)

    Atlatl Hunter

    (328 / 336)

    Eagle Warrior

    (22 / 22)

    Total: 841 units

    Casualties: 64 units

    Can be healed: 6 units


    Wall (10)

    0 / 79,729


    (0 / 5)

    Holcan Lancer

    (0 / 51)

    (0 / 5)


    (0 / 5)


    (0 / 4)

    Holcan Bowman

    (0 / 168)

    Atlatl Hunter

    (0 / 5)

    Eagle Warrior

    (0 / 1)

    Jaguar Warrior

    (0 / 1)

    Total: 705 units

    Casualties: 705 units

    Can be healed: 63 units

    Round details

    Attacker Kurgar
    Defender Barbarians

    Round 1
    777 units
    20 units

    Round 2
    777 units
    0 units


    The battle ended after 2 rounds and with 769 casualties.

    Winner: Kurgar

    The army of the attacker Kurgar has pillaged Tunkuruchu Huch [445:572]

    Original cargo: 244,520

    Booty: 74,334 52,358 36,242

    I probably wouldn't, but I can imagine some players buying an item/counsellor/blessing that built a new city for them over the normal timespan but without having to press so many buttons.

    edit : by built I mean build it to (for example) L12 all primary buildings and L20 farms and mines)

    I really appreciate the explanation. Just understanding the variable makes the game less frustrating (and indeed more interesting).