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    What the game is calling world map is only what I'd call region or local map.

    Is there another map of the whole world where we can see which tribes have their cities, or the ability to zoom out from the existing map and see larger areas?

    When we have 1 city we get 5 "free" barbarian camp raids per day.

    When we have more cities, it seems that they should each be able to raid barbarians too.

    Even if 5 raids per city is too much, 5 raids from capital and an additional 3 raids per extra city seems fair.

    As I understand it, at present when a city is attacked the maximum of that city's total resources that can be plundered is 40% minus whatever is protected by the cave, so the cave would work pretty well if you went back to percentage based? eg 40% max plunder with a L20 cave would mean maximum plunder of 20% of total res. It's also matters whether food can get plundered or not and what effect that would have.

    I realize it's VERY early to mention this, but I've seen people leave games because the chat was too strictly (and some would have argued unfairly) moderated and also others leave games where chat was unmoderated or loosely moderated and it got just nasty and vile.

    Tribe chat should be private and unmoderated (with the possible exception of real life threats). If players don't like what is there, talk to tribe officers with a view to getting it calmed or else leave the tribe.

    General chat is more tricky. My personal preference is for a moderated sensible channel AND an unmoderated "chat" channel, with the ability to turn off certain channels.

    Officer chat for ranks above ???? within a tribe. Not moderated obviously.

    When you send spies and get the message that their report is in and click on it in inbox, some info appears in the right hand pane. It'd be great to have the city link there and clickable so the map centres on it, without having to go into the detailed view.

    Same thing with battle reports.

    If you put together a package with a discount for all blessings for 7 days and even cheaper for a month, I'd likely buy turquoise to get it if it was well priced. Once I had bought turquoise and it was in my account, I'd probably use it sometimes.

    That was certainly my experience in Lord of Ultima. I know a lot of former LoU players who were happy to pay a smallish amount every month because of this and because there was a mana system limiting "turquoise" use and that meant it was impossible to pay to win. Better perhaps to have a lot of regs giving you a few bucks than one or two at best whales scaring everyone else away?

    One other unrelated suggestion from the same game was an actual way for an alliance/tribe to win, come 2nd, 3rd, meaning regular new servers and so motivation for players not at the top of the ranks to learn, form bonds with players and look forward to the next server.

    I am struggling to understand how battles/raids work and how the various troop factors combine.

    Stamina = life points?
    Weakness = defense? It's a percentage of what?
    Luck = a random element?
    In armies of mixed troop types what happens?
    The rounds calculations are beyond my calculation. :(