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    is there a way to making the Observatory's in newer citys better at helping in research, Time and Resources? Sooner. LIke 2nd city takes 10% off ,than 3rd take 30% etc.

    I been using google chrome seems to be working fine for me and I am able to delete my own threads on wall and if I start a thread and delete the 1st one it clears all others comments as well, hope that helps?

    i like both opinions on this, and a leader switch or default option when a leader goes in active for a specific time it could/would be transferred, As far as a limit I'm still on the fence, larger alliance should help keep from having many alliances,because the smaller one would end up being farmed,
    But also, Larger alliances can put a target on themselves, for other alliances to pact against,
    But also smaller ones can be controlled easier and less stressful, better timing efforts, but not time options meaning if all lived around the world timed attacks and defensive's would be hard. jm2c

    Hi all, well a sad day My tribe was disbanded today, and fellow members are being spread out to different tribes which I guess is a good thing to equal out alliance sizes, And what ever the Reason, not Important!!!
    But what I do think is Important is that if you ever decide to Disband your tribe, do it in a planed manner since members do build relationships here and might want to do there own thing, are join another alliance with a group of friends they made, But my best wishes to our former leader, and Happy hunting to all the peeps I have got to know in my previous Alliance, it has been a pleasure learning from you all, and hope you success in your new tribe

    also if wanted to do a group function Meeting,attack reinforcement, (anything time sensitive), be easier to go by server than all the area's we live in. just a thought

    Hi all, some long build times coming up so figure to reach out and get to know some of ya, I just started playing the game seem interesting but very quite, I believe I'm in the 2nd world, and was wondering How the last world went or if its still going? how long does a world last is there different style's, speeds stuff like that, and if your new too? hope to hear from ya, Happy hunting ;)

    Hm one should NOT be able to attack a fellow Tribe Member!! makes no sense as thn it is open to abuse.

    I dont think so really , Ive seen the abuse from solo players more than alliance or non alliance pact players, new game, new players I think it give a player better chance of learning basic tactics with feed back from both sides, but this is more game play.
    I need a clock, lol

    I asked this very same question and it would b e good to se the server clock while in your City and when in world mode but M0H0 did not seem to see a need for it. I assume the server clock is set to UTC + 1. I stand to be corrected.

    ok ty would make things so much easier, and considering I just wiped out a team mate troops accidentally on timing or just a tweek in game

    is there anything in the works for us to be able to see server time? and a way to sink players by their locations of real world in settings? forgive me if this was brought up or addressed already still learning my way around forum ;) thanks,