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    New servers are created because somehow this brings profit to the game developers. The game is a business and has to make money.

    Have good arguments!!! And you will be heard. Saying you want fusion, want explanation, want this or that....... is getting you nowhere. Do you realize this? It's not a good argument to say you want a merger because they haven't had one for a long time.

    You're putting yourself in the villain's shoes. What did you expect? That all the players would give reason to their opinion? Let's go....grow up!!! I know, you wanted the applause to go to you :))

    No one is applauding any moderators. There are things very wrong with this game. But when I complain to support I explain my reasons and give ideas of what can be improved. I have arguments!!!! Sometimes they answer me, sometimes they don't. But I'm smart enough to understand that I don't own the game, I'm not alone here. And changes don't depend on my will or how many times I ask the same thing.

    Have good arguments and I'll be the first to applaud you!!!!!

    Gaviota answered your question in December 2021. Moho answered the same in June 2021. and if I look I'm sure I'll find more



    You have the right to ask as many times as you want. Want to ask the same question every day? For years ? OK. Do it.

    But they are under no obligation to answer the same questions every time you ask.

    I have the solution to your problem. Every time you want to know what the next merger will be, open the link and read Moho and Gaviota's answer.... the answer remains the same.

    No todos los jugadores están protestando. La mayoría guarda silencio. Y, sinceramente, no me gustan las fusiones.Perdon si pienso diferente a ti.

    ¡Entiendo el silencio! He visto esta pregunta respondida varias veces en otras publicaciones. Lo que creo que pasa es que están cansados de responder siempre lo mismo.

    La respuesta es que todavía no saben cuándo se fusionarán. Y que te avisarán cuando encuentren algo.

    Creo que todavía no han decidido lo que van a hacer, así que no tienen una respuesta. No se si estoy bien o mal en esto, es solo mi opinión.;)

    Is the game unfair? Yea !!!!!

    Who spends money has advantages? Yea !!!!

    Will there be fusion because you're bored? NOOOO !!!!

    The merger will be when the administrators want it! Not when players think they should be.

    And as soon as the administration decides on the merger, the information will be posted on the Forum.