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    Hello again. I want to mention at the beginning that english is not my first language so I'm sorry for the spelling mistakes.

    I've been playing now Tentlan for at least 2 months and I think this game has a huge potential but it lacks a lot of things. I've been playing browser and some clinet strategy games like Tentlan for over 10 years, some of them are huge today, some disappeared, anyway I don't want to make from this thread an ad for them so I won't mention their names. The main reason why people quit this kind of games is because you get to a point where you just stagnate, you feel like you can't do anything new or intresing and it lacks a purpose, but I will talk about that later.

    Minor improves:

    The MAP: I apreciate the old school graphics of the games, but the map feels just lazy and unpractical. As a developer myself, I can say that it's not that hard to put a timekeeper on the cities you attacked so you can see when they will be available, and mark the barbarians you attack so you won't attack them again by mistake. Also, different designs that point the level of barbarians would be great!

    VM: This might be a little subjective, but this"Maximum vacation period is 15 days. If you do not return to your account before this time, vacation mode will automatically expire and other players will be able to interact with your account again." is the worst vacation system i've ever seen. I'd rather have my account deleted after 30 days of inactivity then getting attacked after 15.

    Alliance chat: Even if if you can make forum threads for this, an actual chat would be a nice touch.

    Real problems:

    REWARDING THE REAL PLAYERS: This game is a PvP. You can't possibly refer to it as an player versus environment game because the environment is composed by the same repetitive barbarians. So, YOU HAVE TO ATTACK, to play the war game. But, here is the biggest problem: WHAT FOR?. I mean, literally any other game I played found a way to reward warriors, by honor points, or titles, achivements, anything. Here, the biggest reward is your name on the ranking on a browser extension made by a player (tentlanhelper), not by the developers. Find a way to reward the ones that really play the game, not only the farmers. I started playing with 2 friends, both quitted because of this, and the only reason I still play It's because I've met some nice people and I do belive you will improve this; as I said, i think this game has potential.

    ACCOUNT: Making new account for every server is annoying and unpractical. I would prefer having an account and the posibilty to log on other servers and start playing using the same account information (name/password) and maybe have the posibilty to chose a new nick for each server, but, again, the same main account.

    Major improvement idea:

    CONQUER/WAR SERVER: As i said at the beginning, in this games you usually reach a point where you feel bored, and it lacks a purpose to keep playing. Now, I've seen this idea in 2 strategy games that are very popular and it is maybe the best system I've seen.

    So, the idea is that you play on a finite (8-12 months each) world where you can conquer other players cities, and, by diferent stages, reach the point where you and your allies can conquer the world. The rewards going on your account, which ofc, it's a main account, not a server account, and you have the rewards (titles, game points or whatever) on all the servers you play.
    And maybe a wall at the game home page with world winners. The siege system used to conquer other cities can be made in a lot of ways, it is up to the developer. Ofc, this type of server can coexist with the servers that exist now, but changing the movement speed of the units and giving a few extra points for them doesn't convert a regular server in a war server. I hope you get the main idea from what I said here, as I said before, my english expression is not very good. Anyway, this kind of update would give the game a real purpose to play and keep playing.

    Keep working on this game, you have work to do, but you're on the right track.

    Hello. I am a new player and after playing Tentan for a while I have an idea that i think will improve the game. I saw it in others game like Tentlan.

    The idea is simple, unite you army with another player's army in an attack. I think the game needs this because you can do it in a defend mission (using the tambo), so you should be able to do it in an attack mission too. This can me made for example by inviting someone to attack with you, or give him an random generated code that unites the units. You can set a limit of 3 players/union. And of course the closer player with the bigger distance between him and the target will establish the mission's duration. Suggestions are welcome, as long as the main idea stays. What do you think?

    Hello, I'm a new player and i play on Nayatlan, and here is says that "the new server Nayatlan will begin, a new English world in Tentlan featuring standard settings.". Can someone tell me what the "standard settings" are, please? :)