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    Hi Richie, you can either invite that person, or go to your tribe menu and review the applications tab. You do need to have administrative rights to the tribe though.

    Hi M0H0, would you consider including the tentlan server en23 (Xicotepec) in the server merge rounds? That would blow new life in this otherwise dying server (the last big battles were fought and not much more is bound to happen there anymore). Most players are ready for a new challenge and a merger would bring just that. Most players would react positively to such an initiative.

    If you are the founder of the tribe or have admin rights, you can either invite people to the tribe (go to the player's profile and click on invite) or accept applications (go the the tribe tab and click on applications). As for promoting players, go to the "Members" tab and click on "Edit". Hope htis helps.

    Walls are pretty useless in the game, other than for esthetic reasons, but they don't provide much of tactical defensive advantage. Some suggestions to make it more useful:
    - wall influence survival rates for defending troops
    - wall have a 'delaying' effect on battles, basically moving more of the battle to subsequent rounds (effectively increasing chances of a draw)
    - walls in combination with bowmen can provide an initial volley (defender bowmen hit attackers without hitting back, one round).

    As a general suggestion: how about allowing players to look into the chat history ? this way people can look back at a conversation and pick up the thread.

    I agree, more frequent mergers between servers would keep the game interesting for eveyrone. Otherwise you'll loose gamers as quickly as you gain them. But there is more you can do to make the game more interesting:
    - make use of the map features. Extracting minerals, food, obsidian and cacao from resources on the map, it would also be nice if you can attack other people's harvesters.
    - add commerce: by giving some locations specific resources that can be traded with other players for e.g. building amulets or for conducting feasts, will also bring a whole new dimension to the game
    - make the maintenance of troops more expensive. Right now, one can sit and keep on resources basically forever and will make you impossible to attack ever if you're on the top of the pyramid.... this would help making it more balanced.
    Just some ideas...