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    In some other games, you will get a PM "private message" to confirm that you are allowed to join, and by clicking it you'll immediately go to accept and then you can there confirm

    you need to use Polom " each can transport 2000 resourse " or Pochteca " each can transport 10000 resourse "
    and then send to the one neighbor or to your other city's if you have more then one...

    It would be nice if you could zoom more the world "zoom out the world", so you can see who is closed to you, now you have to scroll sometimes very long before you find someone back from your tribe, and even if you're looking at the coordinate you're still not sure where he is "left - right - top or bottom" of your city...
    Excuse me if my english is sometimes not correctly written, but I try to do my best 8)

    I would say this isn't foreign, though. Most games of this nature are like that. Bigger players are going to have an advantage over smaller players. However, in this game - most 'Bigger' players don't attack smaller players.

    I'm agree whit this ---> most 'Bigger' players don't attack smaller players.