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    I am on, Cacchoben world and am a member of the Harmony tribe. A short time ago RAVAN our founder left the game with no warning whatsoever, as far as we knew. The game administrators stepped up and made Ell the founder, happy with that?, nope, because Ell also left us unannounced 28 days ago.

    Once again, your help is being asked for. Now this time, i am locked out of all my email accounts - just to make things difficult lol.

    Leaderless again, it is difficult to grow and play without leadership, as you may appreciate, as no new members and administrative people is somewhat awkward. My account is growing nicely, but that doesn't stop me worrying about the rest of the tribe, as they also need to grow, before stagnation sets in.

    Hoping that you can help us, once more.