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    This new sever is how the game should have been set up in the first place. It would be great if they gave everyone a chance to move their account to a peace server. i know new players may not want to play with players with 50 million points and big armies but you could create a server that players could switch to that for example was restricted to anyone under 30 million and an under 60 million server and an unlimited server. Allow players to chose to stay or transfer .There are so many servers with a few dominate players and very little activity . Those servers will die out along with the best players . It would be challenging and fun again . Being able to recover armies will keep them interested and not quitting as most do now.


    I was wondering what the largest armies are on the various servers . I have seen a joint strike with 117,000 jags . That would be a concern if we merge . Also what level are the highest players. I don't know if its 60 million or there are players out there at 600 million. Any information would be helpful . Cheers

    You can spy 9s consistently with level 39 most of the time with 38 and sometimes with 37 .If you can't spy any barb with 15 spys then you need higher esp

    You make some good points. Walls are worthless now. Rebuilding an army is also so hard that most players just quit . The defender should be allowed to reserect a high % of their troops and after an attack gain protection for week as long as they do not attack others.The cost of attack protection should be lowered for those who need it