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    The Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán (at modern Mexico City) was founded in 1325 on a muddy island in the lake that at that time filled the Basin of Mexico.
    A second group of Aztec settled the nearby island of Tlatelolco in 1358.
    Both sites began as small collections of reed huts but, with the growth of Aztec power, developed into cities, eventually fusing into a single conurbation.
    Surrounded by "floating gardens" - artificially created islands where produce was grown - Tenochtitlán was joined to the mainland by three causeways. An aqueduct supplied fresh water from Chapultepec.
    Along with the many palaces and marketplaces of the city the Tecpan, a central plaza contained the two principal temples, built on a huge terraced pyramid.The famous Calendar Stone of the Aztecs was found in the Tecpan.

    The Tenochtitlan Tribe is the first player created Tribe on the EU servers in the game of Tentlan. We strive to make the game enjoyable for all. New members are welcome and our team are always willing to help our members grow.

    Our Official Website and forums are below :)

    Looking Forward to meeting you all in the game

    Sorry El Draque but my posts will be as long as i like to make them , you cant truncate my posts , Your not as smart as you think you are.

    i haven't been vocal like you have, i declared shared internet and just put up my first complaint. but i don't fully agree with what you said. I would love if that would fix things, if we could just report a player and it would be taken care of, but it won't. You have two little girls, every time russian roulette opens their mouth their insulting them, and me, and every other girl. I was 'on their side' (as far as they knew) and i was still constantly insulted by them. I have reported things, and the admins have certainly noticed and given plenty or warnings, but i'm not going to spend my time and money to be insulted. Would you? I'm not staying much longer if this continues.

    I agree with you. but right now on the forums there are 4 posts and a conversation with admins that i am part of all shouting about the same thing. New players. which if you like this game you will agree with me, we need. When new players join the game and they grow a little and get to talk in general chat and then log onto the forums, are just going to log out of the game and run as fast as they can. I am passionate about the game i play. as you have stated i have two little girls. so time in game is time away from my kids. I want it to be a release in a good way. Not a vent room for any aggression or stress's i have. I didnt know that admins where slow to respond to your complaints. And i hope that they will take them seriously. I am sorry to see shadowdragon leaving the game for a bit. he was and is a major part of this game. it will be less of a game without him. :(

    But there has to be a stop button. We have to stop letting R&R get what they want. Free advertising for their tribe. And it seems from reading the other forums on different servers. they are known for this. Nothing will be done for it. We are in control of our own emotions. no matter what anyone says or does to us. We are the ones that decide to get angry or insulted. Yes complain. Yes post it on the Forums. But having a to and fro on 5 different threads about the same crap is just too much.

    You know what i think i understand now. I think this is all an act. R&R where late coming into the server and where a small tribe. You guys are all so vocal and beating your chests in the forums and the game to make a name for yourselves. In the hope that other players will follow you. Its an admirable thing that you guys have been taking on the top 3 Tribes. I have been very vocal in the forums and the game. I have been involved with game banter. but enough is enough .

    This in my opinion is going to be a great game. If m0h0 and his team keep in touch wit the player base like they are . YES the game is moving slowly and YES they are slow to reply but this game is still in beta. All this Aggro on the forums and in the game is doing more damage than good. Too many players have left the game because of it. In the beginning when R&R started the war. we where building for growth and they built for war. We as a server where not prepared for experienced players. For that i blame the admin.(who have apologized in the forums for not informing us). LETS JUST DRAW a line in it. get over it. if we see players breaking the rules . we inform the admin. Splashing it all over the forums is not the way to go.

    This is a relatively new game and we as the newest players on this server are the pioneers. the explorers for generations after that follow us into the game. Time to stop the Graffiti on the forums and fill it with Tips , hints, experiences, and guides for the next gerenrations of players that will follow us and look up to us.

    In my opinion it is not against the rules to have people loyal to a different tribe spying in another tribe. Spying is part of war. Its a dirty trick. But when was war ever all about honor. It is how ever against the rules to use alts to do it.

    What is really sad is that your are here Gloating over your wins when you know that there is a flaw in the battle mechanics. If there was no flaw you would have lost your army by now. . Wait until the battle mechanics are fixed. Then we will see how many Battle reports you will be posting in here.

    Yes they could send the carriers in the second wave. but only if the 12 hour rule is lifted. You can only atttack a player once every 12 hours and win.

    If im relaxing and just farming and building. I lke to listen to james Mcnally. He was part of U2 before they became famous. But when on to make a few albums. He is amazing on the Flute and the pan pipes or the irish tin whistle.

    He released a lot of up to date songs coverd by the flute and tin whistle

    Will the tambo be activated in the update. Its frustrating that we cannot defend our tribe members without donating troops. If they are offline we dont know when they will return and we can get our troops back.