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    Is that the best you can do Moho? You are being quite disingenuous. Anyone with reason has already figured out that the raison d'etre of Tentlan is to make money for the developers. No other game who uses proposed objects of value pushes so hard for players to spend money as you guys do in this game. You devs should at least be honest about it, instead of hiding behind false reasoning that does not stand up to logic.

    It is interesting to me though, that not long after I made my remarks regarding cheaters and banning that one Honey, of the Bunny Warriors, attacked me three times, even though I never mentioned her name publicly until now. She has only outed herself as the cheater/banned one. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA. She makes me laugh. =D

    As far as I am concerned "banned," "banishment" means total and complete dis-allowance of participation. It is a total kick. If a player who has been caught cheating and breaking the rules of Tentlan, or in any other game or situation, should not be allowed to play or perform at all since the probability is high that that person will break the rules again. If you do not keep a known cheater/rule-breaker from a game then it is not a ban, total or otherwise. When you allow a known cheater/rule-breaker to play the game again, even if it is a new server, then the "ban" is meaningless. This is my opinion, and others may or may not agree with it but there seems to me to be one set of rules for developers and another set of rules for players. I do not think the developers of Tentlan are giving everyone equal treatment here.

    I have been scanning around my region from time to time in the past couple of weeks and have noticed a player that was inactive has become active and then inactive again. Is this an anomaly? Or has the player gone on vacation mode but has no vacation marker on them? I would like to know because I would not want to start hostilities with another tribe because of a bug in the game system.

    Thanks Tane and Foxy. Yeah, that does clarify a lot. So far, none of the inactive cities I placed my icon over showed them on vacation mode, and the tribal members that were inactive I was able to spy on. So that is a relief that no wrong was done. In other words, all the indication I had that nothing was going on was a highlighted city.

    This subject came up in Tribal chat regarding inactive players. There seems to be a lot of inactives around in certain areas, and there was some confusion of which cities should be attacked, especially of inactive tribe members. There was a question of how to tell inactive cities from ones that simply are on vacation and intend to come back? I suggest some kind of symbol to be placed above vacationing cities of tribe members, like a large white or blue capital "v" or some type of colored flag (not white, which would indicate surrender). That way, a vacationing tribe member would come back to a city that was made safe from being plundered by anyone, especially their own tribe members. That kind of clarification would save a lot of hard feelings in future.

    Bouncing off another thread (Music & Sounds) I found a Youtube website that has several strung together threads of Mayan and other native Central American music. Just click on it and let it go all day as you play the game:

    Mayan Music (134 Videos):

    I understand that you guys need to perform maintenance on the game's servers, but it would be nice to receive prior warning of any future planned maintenance. That way players can rap up their play time or work their schedules around that. Thank you. =)

    Feedback noted regarding speed/costs, it's not the first time we hear this. I can tell you that the overall balancing and speed in Tentlan is not meant nor designed to push players into making purchases, and we do not employ tricks or schemes to force players to spend in any other way for that matter, nor we intend to do so in the future. Believe it or not, we actually feel pretty strongly about respecting the time and trust of our players.

    It's likely that we'll experiment with changes in the way Tentlan develops at advanced stages eventually, but in the meantime, if I may suggest, our beta server currently runs at x4 the usual speed, we can't transfer accounts between servers at the moment, but you may want to give it the beta server a go with a new account from scratch and see if you like it better for the time being.

    Meanwhile, on another thread....

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    Happy hour: +50% turquoise later today6 hours ago

    Hello Ahaus,

    Later today and during 4 hours we will have a limited promotion where you will have the chance to get +50% turquoises more with every purchase. This promotion will take place at the following time, depending on your time zone:
    United States (New York time) & Canada (Montreal time): 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    New Zealand: 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    Australia (Sydney time): 5:00 AM - 9:00 AM
    United Kindgom & Ireland: 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
    Belgium, Netherlands & Central Europe: 9:00 PM - 01:00 AM
    Note that it is the checkout time what counts to enter the promotion, so methods that take long to go through such as bank transfers will still count and will get the corresponding turquoises once complete, as long as the checkout happens while the promotion is active.

    Cheers and have fun,

    Your Tentlan Team" is too damn slow and very resource costly. I am beginning to have some serious questions about playing this game any further. Seriously, you developers of this game need to have an equation of making the game more fun to play rather than on making the cost of production so exponentially draining. Unless of course, this is intentionally connected to the turquoise system to force players to spend money on making things happen faster. That tactic offends me, and I am letting you all know right now that I am not spending any money on any damn turquoise. Similar things have happened in other browser games I have played (Stormfall: Age of War, Grepolis, Bejewelled, Farmville, etc.). Some I have stopped playing because of that reason, others I kept playing, but paid nothing, because it was still fun to play them.

    Seriously, the Team needs to reconsider why they came up with this game to begin with. You will not garner a wide base of players when the game they are playing is not fun. People will lose interest, especially when they begin to see through a money making scheme at their disadvantage.

    Would not 1 Quipucayamoc per every 5 units be more reasonable and cost effective for the player?! After all in the real world you have so many health workers for every so many patients.

    American here, born in the state of Georgia. My family heritage includes English, Welsh, French on my father's side and Irish, Scot's-Irish, English, and Cherokee on my mother's side. I like beer too, enjoy Bud Light, Corona, and an occasional Guiness. :)

    I know that the devs clean out inactive cities after a time. How about allowing players to capture inactive cities after they have been so for 30 days? I would say that an inactive city after a month has been abandoned by a player and active players should have a chance to occupy and capture the ones that are nearby them.

    That should be the default behaviour, what browser and version are you using? Consider upgrading your browser to its lastest version if you didn't yet, since I reckon that would help.

    Ok. I am using IE 8. I have Google Chrome and Foxfire too. How well does it work on those browsers?

    I would like to suggest an automatic delete of "Write something on the wall" when you click on it to write a post. It is really annoying to me to have to press backspace or press delete to erase it before I can write something.

    Been playing this game since last Sunday night, I love the theme of the game. I have been particularly attracted to the indigenous cultures of Mexico and Central America, especially since I have an interest in archaeology and history. I own a few of the Civilization PC games by Sid Meiers, and I have always liked playing the Aztecs.