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    Hello ! Does anyone solve the problems, the difficulties encountered if you address the technical support? If yes, I wonder how long it will take to resolve the claimed issue?
    I sent an e-mail about a technical problem encountered tonight. How long does it take to solve?

    Your approach is interesting but unfortunately we are many players who have proposed ideas and methods to revive this game without receiving any response, without taking into account that we all want an improvement of this game in which we have been present for some years; the developers of the game follow only the path proposed by them and that is why the game has become a simple routine; would be simple things to implement, such as the attack on barbarian villages, the gains offered by the wheel Tzolkin, etc .. There are many, many ideas presented on this forum to improve and invigorate the game, but ....

    As I wrote above, players are required to buy turquoise to reduce travel time.

    It would be logical that the size of the map would be larger, to give all the players on the 30 servers who will soon merge the chance to continue playing and here I am referring to the players who do not have the opportunity to invest money in this game.

    If on the current server, for example from one corner of the map to the other opposite, you do 6-7-8 hours with a Pochteca, on a server with x6 speed ... it considerably reduces the time - 6 times mathematically speaking - so we will do 1-2-3 hours maximum. Most of our players work 7-8-10 hours a day, each wants to keep their account on the waterline, each wants to maintain their position in the game, a position that involves the army plus resources. How do you think this problem will be solved? Nature research, once raised, cannot be reduced


    If the server is 6x, will the map be the same size or larger than 1000 ?

    In the situation in which it will have the same size, to go away with the troops and resources, you force us to spend money to slow down the speed of travel.
    - suppose a player cannot enter the game for 8-10 hours because he is at work; if the game runs at speed x6 and the map has the same size ... how can he take care of troops and resources without spending money ?

    Hello all players and those who manage the game. We appreciate that you are considering a revival of the game but please tell us all what this "super speed" of the new servers will be. What is "super speed", what are the criteria, specifications? We want to receive more details, to know what to expect in the near future

    - "All merged servers will be super speed! That's right, once merges are completed the resulting servers will all have the charasteristics of super speed servers, that is, 6 times the usual speed. This applies to all 8 groups here, even groups without war or peace servers in them. "

    We thank you in advance and we look forward to illuminating our thoughts and plans for the future.


    Hello, not everything comes down to you, the game is not just between the two of us, you do not think only of the singular mode, it looks at the game as a whole.

    I think it would be a good idea for those who want to save more resources to build a farm or conduct a research that requires quantities of over 1 billion.
    And as far as I'm concerned about your person, I think you feel hurt that you haven't shot me :) Anyway, I'm glad you read my post, denotes that you somehow care about game.

    For several months I have been thinking, to post or not and here I decided ... I propose the establishment / implementation of a city located at a distance equal to each player (ie in the middle of the map, at the coordinates 500/500 ) which will be called "resource bank" on each server. Regardless of whether the score is high or low, regardless of the servers you play on, a "resource bank" would be appropriate for all players (especially active and day-to-day players - it would be imperative for them) and resurrect how much the game. It would be a novelty implemented in an old game. By setting up / building this bank both the founders / owners of the game and the players would only have to win on both sides. The player wishing to keep the resources gathered in a week (for example) from various attacks should deposit them in that bank, only in one day of the week (- only in one day of the week could it be sent the resources to the bank - as are the weekly events) and of course for a cost depending on the score of each depositor. Below I present an idea for the commission charged by the "resource bank" for both deposits and withdrawals of resources.
    I do not know how many players will have an open mind for such a newly built building in the game or how much they will accept any commissions / interest imposed by it, but I think it would be welcome and reactivate many players who are missing some time from each server .
    Proposal of a commission for setting up / implementing a resource bank:
    - for a score between 10 - 30 million - deposit / withdrawal fee - 10% of the resources or 10 turquoise
    - for a score between 30 - 50 million - deposit / withdrawal commission - 15% of the resources or 20 turquoise
    - for a score between 50 - 150 million - deposit / withdrawal fee - 20% of the resources or 30 turquoise
    - for a score between 150 - 300 million - deposit / withdrawal commission - 30% of the resources or 50 turquoise
    - for a score between 300 - 500 million - deposit / withdrawal fee - 40% of the resources or 80 turquoise
    - for a score of over 500 million - deposit / withdrawal fee - 100 turquoise
    It is only a proposal, if it is good or not, it remains to your discretion to express its opinion whether it is for or against and maybe the game administrators will consider this idea in an evolutionary stage of the game. Thank you all.

    De cateva luni de zile ma tot gandesc, sa postez sau nu si iata ca acum am hotarat.... Propun infiintarea/implementarea unui oras situat la o distanta egala de fiecare jucator in parte ( adica la mijlocul hartii , la coordonatele 500/500 ) care se va numi "banca de resurse" pe fiecare server. Indiferent daca punctajul mare sau mic, indiferent de serverele pe care se joaca, o "banca de resurse" ar fi oportuna pentru toti jucatorii ( in special cei activi si care joaca zi de zi consider ca ar fi imperios necesara pentru acestia ) si ar reinvia cat de cat jocul. Ar fi o noutate implementata intr-un joc vechi. Prin infiintarea/construirea acestei banci atat fondatorii/detinatorii jocului cat si jucatorii ar avea doar de castigat de ambele parti. Jucatorul care doreste sa-si pastreze resursele adunate intr-o saptamana ( de exemplu ) de diverse atacuri ar trebui sa le depuna in acea banca, doar intr-o singura zi din saptamana ( - doar intr-o singura zi din saptamana ar putea fi trimise resursele in banca - asa cum sunt si event-urile saptamanale) si bineinteles contra unui cost in functie de punctajul fiecarui deponent. Mai jos va expun o idee pentru comisionul perceput de "banca de resurse" atat pentru depuneri, cat si pentru retrageri ale resurselor.
    Nu stiu cati jucatori vor avea mintea deschisa pentru o astfel de cladire nou impletata in joc sau cati vor accepta eventualele comisioane/dobanzi impuse de aceasta, insa eu consider ca ar fi binevenita si ar reactiva multi jucatori care lipsesc de ceva vreme de pe fiecare server
    Propunere comision pentru infiintare / implementare o banca de resurse:
    - pentru un punctaj intre 10 – 30 milioane – comision depunere / retragere - 10% din resurse sau 10 turcoaze
    - pentru un punctaj intre 30 – 50 milioane – comision depunere / retragere - 15% din resurse sau 20 turcoaze
    - pentru un punctaj intre 50 – 150 milioane - comision depunere / retragere - 20% din resurse sau 30 turcoaze
    - pentru un punctaj intre 150 – 300 milioane - comision depunere / retragere - 30% din resurse sau 50 turcoaze
    - pentru un punctaj intre 300 – 500 milioane - comision depunere / retragere - 40% din resurse sau 80 turcoaze
    - pentru un punctaj de peste 500 milioane - comision depunere / retragere - 100 turcoaze
    Este doar o propunere, daca este buna sau nu ramane la aprecierea dumneavoastra sa-si expuna parerea daca este pro sau contra si poate administratorii jocului vor lua in considerare aceasta idee intr-o etapa de evolutie a jocului. Va multumesc tuturor.

    Do the rules of play still exist? Is it still in place? Is it still applicable to this game?
    What happens to those who break the rules of this game? Moho's response - "and we are still investigating the extent of the" damage ", the attacker in this report is being investigated as well" - this answer, the rest of the players do not warm us up as long as no action is taken against those who have knowingly violated the rules of the game.
    If one day I wake up that I have all the full deposits, I do not care what happens to others ... if they play dirty ....
    As a fair player since 2016, I asked a simple question on June 25, 2019, a question that concerns all Tentlan players, and not even today, July 13, 2019 posted an edifying response from the administrators of this game, but only one evasive, "do not bother me".

    So, I and the other Tentlan players on different servers, we get the same question - how can you pick from a single attack 211 million resources from each resource on a 40 level warehouse, where it does not fit maximum 25 million for each resource. ( and especially as the fenixxx player has never logged on this server (the attack was given on the 600-595 on the Kinichna server, in 23.04.2019 -…DBFCF96D8790908574E9681B2 ) - / //
    - ( see posting -…plain-how-it-is-possible/ )

    There are 621 views of the post "DILEMMA - Please explain how it is possible", mails sent to the game support .... except the answer is being investigated .... no measure has been taken, no sanction was given to those who violated the rules.

    Was the rest of the players right? Is it honest and correct from you as administrators of this game?

    I will give you, as I promised, messages and other players on multiple servers, which we expect you to do something to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

    - (25/06/2019 23:47, ago 17 days)
    I'm thinking about it too. And I do not find an explanation
    The only thing I can think of is that it can be a bug in the game. But I hope that the adminstradores have a better explanation
    If it is a bug, the player (brooke) who takes advantage of this situation must be blocked

    • - (26/06/2019 13:49, ago 16 days

    Could it be that this maintenance they are doing on the servers is to correct this problem that you find?
    They may be trying to fix this But....... that does not stop them from punishing Brooke, kkkkkkk

    • - - (26/06/2019 18:37, ago16 days) hi:) i'm already over, but I didn't get a meaningful explanation
    • - - Escrevi para eles novamente, agora :

    Sex 28/06/2019 17:17 Gostaria de saber o que sera feito com relação a isso.
    Os jogadores que se aproveitaram do bug serão punido ? Ou mais uma vez a administração do jogo vai deixar passar ?
    A unica resposta que recebemos é que "esta sendo investigado"
    Então quero saber quanto tempo vai durar essa investigação ?

    • - - (29/06/2019 02:14, ago 14 days)

    I received an answer similar to this one.
    I'll keep writing to them until these players get punished. Or even the administrators give a good explanation for not doing anything and ignoring the rules of the game.

    • - - (26/06/2019 10:27, ago 17 days)

    Esse jogador ainda joga? Se não ele pode ter desmantelado o armazém é a única solução para isso. Nunca um armazém a nível 40 teria essa capacidade.

    • - (26/06/2019 11:35, ago 17 days)

    Mas a administração nada vai fazer, como o costume.

    • - (29/06/2019 02:48, ago 14 days)

    I think they're going to say there was an error in the report, that this resource theft did not actually exist.
    Nobody will be punished, nothing will be done.
    Unfortunately it is not the first time that the administration does nothing.

    As you can see, we have so little confidence in the game administrators to be right. Thank you Dear Administrators, but you will remain the only ones in the game. We will slowly withdraw our players one by one when we see so much injustice and lies and the fact that you do not sanction in any way the violation of the rules that you have implemented.

    We are still waiting for a response to your investigation and especially to see sanctions for all players who have illegally abused this bug.

    It's not about 5-10 million resources, it's about hundreds of millions of resources, resources that other honest players gather with a lot of work and in a long time.

    I will put messages from several players on multiple servers. We are all waiting to see if you ignore the violation of the rules of the game (and in this case this situation will be repeated by other players) or if those players will be sanctioned as soon as possible.

    The reports listed above are unquestionable evidence of flagrant violation of the rules

    Hello, if you sent your troops together with resources to the tambo team tribe, when you recall your troops home that resources remain in that city (with tambo). Your colleague should return your resources because you did not know that