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    such info is on some tribe walls, and can also easily obtained by spying and simulating fights, it is after all a tactical game imho

    it only shows that you're used to play with money sauron, i personnally have never spend a penny on the game yet i am in the top of my server. kinda weird you even go as far as suggesting it would create problems on chat. in the end you know when you enter that server you can't coin, there are plenty other server where you can, so on this specific server it would be pure skill, no bought stuff

    i don't play woith money on here, i work fulltime, away from computers, and i got a private life away from computer also, yet i seem to do not so bad, as i'm well aware there is a tactical aspect to the game, something u can't seem to understand. there are plenty of other games what give what you are looking for, so why u so desperate to change this game in one of those?

    there still is the tactical aspect, and i agree some players seem to have fun in making people stop playing, yet, if you play a little tactical, they can do nothing to you. and maybe there is a public for the kinda of gaming you suggest, but i most certainly wouldn't play it, like i neither play on the war server, i kinda like the peace server

    Hope not. That would be insane amount of daily routine work. Collecting res without turquoise is already insane when you have +10 towns. One of the reasons why I quit in my old main server. Even when I did have top 1 account. Its just too.. boring and taxing.

    + you managed to make quite some people quit there ;)

    sounds great to me, even if i don't feel like starting all over again, this server holds all feedback i have ever given about the game, so i should defenitely test it, tumbs up guys!!!
    i do agree with pinkii that 100% survival might be a bith to much, but we gonna play and c!!

    @ moho if people within a tribe want to protect their troops, tambo has to be used, if they send what they produce near every day to the same player, without using tambo, aka transfer troops, that, is ur definition of pushing, yet you accept such play, and that is just sad. also mad u can just transfer troops to a player not even in ur tribe, people are stretching the rules and just laugh about it, and how much i want to believe u work on it, it gives the impression u just sit and watch, as to me it ain't no different if 5 real players all send troops to 1 account to make it stronger, or 1 person having 5 accounts and combining them to make 1 strong one, the outcome is the same, and it all is pushing. also what happened in the past, straight out banning people is ridiculous, give them a fair warning and a chance to show they can play according to the rules

    so this is what the game rules say:

    § 5. Pushing

    a) The use of one or more accounts with the sole purpose of advancing the progress of another account (“Pushing”), is forbidden. This is the case when one account regularly and repeatedly receives troops and/or resources from other account(s), thereby such transfers mainly occur unilaterally for the benefit of the account(s) being pushed, or are extremely unbalanced in favor of such accounts.

    b) Single or occasional transfers of troops/resources between fellow tribe members to help each other, as well as troop transfers for joint actions (joint attacks, defense, etc.) of fellow tribe members, as long as such transfers do not occur regularly and unilaterally for the benefit of the same account, are not considered as pushing.

    ->yet a lot of that happens on our server, mazatlan, yet noting is done about it, kinda strange i think, shouldn't the rules be straight and unbendable? account gain 3million points on a dime and stay on that point number, othher account get troops on a near daily base so said as this is the only way to protect them, ain't that what the tambo was created for?

    we had the double corn storage for what, 3 days or so, yet all act like it has been forever like that, and night walk blabla, it was possible before, so why wouldn't it be possible now, they let you keep all the corn you had, and there is still some 25-30% extra storage capacity then before the double boost, so what is all the fuss about?????