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    Hi Lisa,
    This Forum is not for personal insults. I find it sad that you feel the need to resort to that level. It is not something I will lower myself to do in response, however. As the Tentlan team have stated on this Forum numerous times, if you believe I am breaking any game rules, please email them privately on
    I do hope that you will at some point appreciate that this is a game and that I (and others) are playing it as it is intended to be played. If you wish to seek confirmation of the latter from the Tentlan Team also, I have no doubt whatsoever that they will oblige.

    Hi Lisa,
    I'm sorry to hear that you feel the way you do. It's not clear from your post whether you consider me responsible for your feelings of being bullied. Just in case you do, I do not consider that I am in any way responsible for those feelings, they are yours alone.
    Would you prefer it if no player attacked any other player? Unfortunately, that isn't the way the game works or the way it was intended to work. There are, however, numerous other computer games that may better suit you.
    Would you prefer if I attacked anyone else but you? Again, that is not how the game works and I can assure you that I attack numerous other players every day.
    This was the first day on which I have attacked any of your cities. At this stage in the game there are less cities to attack, thus those who the game deems suitable for me to attack will inevitably be attacked at some point.
    If you want your troops and resources to be safe when you are offline, you can send them elsewhere until you return to the game. Had you done this in this instance, you would still have them. As you chose not to do this, you are responsible for the losses, not me.
    I as a person am not attacking you as a person. This is a game - virtual troops attack virtual cities, kill other virtual troops and pillage virtual resources.
    Again, I am sorry that you feel bullied - perhaps this is not the game for you.

    Hi Celia,
    This is a public forum for the use of all players who are entitled to respond to any post within Forum guidelines and rules. As stated in a previous reply, if you do not wish to have player comments, you can email the Tentlan Team on
    My comment about the server on which you had previously played were in response to Lone Wolf's comments that your post referred to me, when clearly it did not. In my view, your perception of your playing technique on another server is irrelevant to the subject of your post.
    It is not necessary to use upper case in the context in which you have and could be seen by some as offensive/rude, nor is it acceptable to use abbreviations for personal insults (or indeed to make any personal insults) against other players.
    Perhaps if you adjust the tone of your post and clarify exactly what it is about which you wish to complain or seek advice on, you will achieve your objective.

    Hi there Lone Wolf. Your first comment is one you have made several times. It is merely a personal attack at me, which is not the purpose of this Forum. I forgive you of course but I would rather hear something more constructive, less hostile and less personal. As I have said previously, you can contact the Tentlan team privately on if you have an issue with their rules or decisions.

    Secondly, I'm not 'blaming' anyone, simply pointing out that in my view players must take responsibility for losing troops and/or resources when attacked if they have made no effort to move them. I have seen comments in global chat from players who agree with me on this. You, of course, are entitled to disagree. I am also airing my view that tribe leaders/council members ought to be advising their members on how to best play and succeed at the game. Do you not agree that they should?

    Thirdly, anyone who leaves the game has the right to do so for whatever (their own) reasons. I appreciate that some players may decide the game isn't for them. In my view, however, the departing player is solely responsible for the decision to leave. As can be observed from the number of inactive cities on the in-game World Map, many players have tried the game and found it not to their taste.

    Finally, I do not agree that it is 'kind of hard' to move resources and troops from your city when you are under attack and/or off-line. Many players are able to do this and as a result they have not been attacked or they have not lost troops and/or resources. To use the example quoted in your post, if a player chooses to train troops and 'come back later' they alone are responsible for anything that happens while they are not paying attention to the game and thus not noticing incoming attacks or spy missions. I suspect many players leave because they cannot provide the commitment needed to succeed in the game and/or are not able or prepared to understand it enough.

    By all means, let's share our thoughts and views on this Forum but let's be mature and civil about it rather than resorting to personal digs and hostility.

    The Russian and Spanish servers of this game are very popular. Players on those servers do not complain about being attacked. They play the game as it was intended to be played. I have no idea why players on the EN servers choose not to play the game in its entirety.

    As Bud has said above and he is an experienced player who found the Chi tribe on the first EN server:
    "It is very easy to avoid this by making pochteca's and send them out with your resources, they are slow and you keep everything".

    I would have thought tribe leaders would be advising their members how to protect their cities, troops and resources rather than complaining of being attacked when they do nothing at all to avoid it.

    Hi Maize and welcome to the game.

    (1) You cannot die in this game. However, your troops can be killed during attacks from other players or during your attacks on other players or barbarian camps. Other players can take resources from you also during attacks. If you did not play for around three weeks, your cities and your account would become 'inactive' and once that happens you cannot access your account again.

    (2) You can only move your first city if you pay with turquoise, which you buy in-game. When you build a second and subsequent cities, you can choose the location free of charge.

    (3) There are some helpful FAQ on this Forum, which are particularly useful for new players. There is nothing else online as yet. You should be able to get help and information from a tribe that you join also.

    (4) Beginner's Protection lasts I think until you have something like 2400 points or you've played 5 or 7 days (this will be in the FAQ referred to earlier).

    (5) There is no limit on the number of cities but each one costs more resources to build.

    Please check out the FAQ, they will definitely help.

    Players are entitled to consider that a particular rule is unfair, I don't have an issue with that. However, I do not agree that a player attacking other players daily is 'unfair treatment'. The attacking player is playing the game, they are probably attacking numerous players daily. Their intentions are not malicious against the player they are attacking.

    I don't agree that the player under attack cannot do anything (as I've said in my earlier post). There are several options to avoid having your troops killed or your resources pillaged.

    To be honest, I think the frustration and anger that an attacked player feels (both with the attacking player and at themselves for not having moved their troops/resources) is what's causing him/her to feel bullied. It's natural to feel annoyed, as it when things go wrong in anything, not just this game. However, if a player chooses not to remove their resources or troops then they have to take responsibility for losing them. It is sad if players choose to leave the game rather than take action; not everyone is going to like every game but it is their choice to leave and not the responsibility of the attacking player. If players don't like the fundamental aspects of a game then it probably isn't for them and they can choose instead to play any one of the multitude of other games available on the internet.

    My comments remain with the topic raised by the initial post and not with any other issue which has already been dealt with.

    As a player of the game, and thus entitled to comment on posts placed on this Forum (provided my posts are within the rules), I'd like to add my thoughts to this topic.

    Re: "an attack once or twice a day".
    To my knowledge it isn't possible to attack the same player more than once a day, unless their city is inactive. In my experience, if a player attacks for a second time they receive an in-game message advising them that they have already looted this city and it is still too weak to defend itself. Presumably there will be a time period (it may be less than 24 hours?) by which the game considers it acceptable for a player to attack another for the second or subsequent time. If a player attacks within the game rules, those rules should be questioned rather than the player's motives/actions.

    Re: "to tender the other player's attempts to play this game untenable".
    This seems to infer that a player who attacks another daily is doing so for the sole purpose of preventing them from playing. If a player was attacking another relentlessly and not attacking any others players, I could understand why the player under attack might feel targeted. However, as mentioned above, if the game allows such attacks, it is the game rules that should be questioned.

    Re: "waking up everyday 7 days a week for months to all troops being wiped out and resources gone".
    While I can appreciate the frustration of the player under attack (it's happened to us all from time to time), if he/she hasn't attempted to move their troops and/or resources from their city when they go off-line, surely they must take responsibility for their losses?
    Most people are in tribes these days. They could make arrangements to send their troops/resources to another tribe member when they go off-line or send them with an attack to an inactive city or barb camp, making sure the troops and resources return only when the player is back in the game.
    Also, if the attacking player and the player under attack are in tribes, the tribe leader of the one under attack could approach the tribe leader of the attacking player to see if maybe a Non-Aggression Pact or Alliance could be agreed?

    Re: "by a player over 250k higher than the victim".
    To my knowledge, the game permits attacks by higher levels on lower levels but does draw a boundary at some point where this cannot happen. Again, it is the game rules that should be questioned, not the attacking player.

    Re: "how far must the bullying go, for a player to be banned".
    I do not like real life bullies or cyber bullies. However, attacking the cities of other players is part of the game. It is not in my view bullying. The game rules are available on this Forum. Further, the Tentlan Team have stated on this Forum on numerous occasions that any allegations of rule breaking should be sent to them privately on

    Lol Lone Wolf - you need to catch up. The Tentlan Team are aware of this and have posted on here that it is not an issue. By all means keep this up, post whatever you want on here, say whatever you want in chat, report me as many times as you wish to the Tentlan Team. It makes no difference to me whatsoever. I will no longer be wasting my time commenting again on any of your (or anyone else's for that matter) accusations, offensive remarks or cyber bullying. I will forgive you, however. It's a massive goodbye to you and any other cyber bullies from me.

    Lol Tomomi, it is very irritating isn't it?. I raised the initial post. I have got a little more used to the hints now but am still hopeful that the Tentlan Team will 'introduce measures which will help'. :)

    Lol Lone Wolf, you're confusing the Zexa account on Mayapan, to which my comment about leaving on vacation refers (obviously one can't leave a Forum account on vacation!) with the old Zexa account on this Forum . Irrespective of whether I have accessed Zexa on the Mayapan server (which I have not for some time as already stated), it is not against the rules to have more than one active account, as long as they are not on the same server. The activity from October 10th refers to the old Zexa account on this Forum, it was an accidental login caused by mistakenly entering the Zexa email address instead of the Foxy one, You will see that there are no recent comments on this Forum under Zexa. The Tentlan Team are fully aware of this but thanks for your diligence and please feel free to report this and anything else concerning my alleged rule breaking to the Tentlan Team on Cheers and have a good day :)

    Oh Tane ! Again I will forgive you for all of this :). It's an open Forum. No player has the right to ask another not to comment if they're not breaking the rules. I don't have that right, you don't have that right, no player has that right. All my posts relate to the topic concerned and/or any questions raised within the post or comments aimed or put to me. I'm off to sleep. Good night and have a lovely day :)

    Oh Tane !
    I've no desire/need to 'click the name Zexa'. I don't play it. I don't care whether it's still active. I think I left it on vacation months ago but I can't recall to be honest.
    If you're not going to do anything about something then why mention it in the first place! You really do puzzle me at times but I suspect there is a valid reason why you do these things and hence I forgive you :).
    By the way, I play another computer game and I have 15 characters, all with different names, as has everyone else (it's the game). Nobody knows whether they're the same person or not and nobody cares. We all have lives outside the game.
    You might wonder why one (or at least why I) might feel the need to change character names on servers etc. The Tentlan Team don't care as long as it's one account per server and no simultaneous accounts on here. I suspect the majority of other players don't care either. To be honest I think it's more concerning that someone does care - it's a game ! Having said that, I did comment (in an earlier post on here) as to one of the reasons for the change, which was for the purposes of research - you might have missed or forgotten that post too ;)
    Personally, I'd rather address something serious in the real world, like a cure for cancer or third world poverty but each to their own.

    Lol Tane, all of that is in a thread you started on this Forum! I would never repeat/quote it otherwise.

    My post on here was dated 12 October. As you know it takes longer than 6 days for an account to become inactive. I actually gave all Xin's troops to someone on the Uxmal server. I haven't checked the Zexa account for months so I've no idea whether it's still there or not. By all means ask the Tentlan Team to look at that if you wish. You might want to do that privately, same as anything else in this post.

    I'm not interested in anyone else you think might be using two simultaneous accounts on here. I'm sure you'll report it privately if that's the case.

    Hi Tane,

    There's a massive difference between fact and opinion :).
    There are numerous posts on which I have made no comment at all. However, if it concerns me or is of interest to me then I do, and will continue to, comment on it or join in the discussion(s).
    My posts are always polite, respectful, well intentioned albeit that some could be construed as me 'sticking up for myself'. I would do the same for anyone else too.
    I like me because of that :).