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    can the devs not do something about the cost of cities and what is needed. just looking at one thing amber stone 133 need for level 10 this is a hug amount and very frustrating. please please please do something about the cost, i have been working for along time to try and get 10 i would have better chance to climb the tallest mount

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    i have to agree with vappster further comments on this issue, specially as there is plenty of room on the server, being able to build up more cities would make it more fun. can you not think about maybe each cities palace being able to build a city, for example 1st city lv 3 gives 3 more cities, 2nd city lv 2 gives 2 more cities then in total 5 cities


    i have been playing awhile now. and found that trying to get a new city cost far to much, i have 9 cities and just seems no way to get another city, and was a struggle to get them. is there no way to low the cost. on top of them the high cost to build higher level of cities and research grimm

    how long exactly is the cool-down between attack time and time you can use attack protection and why is this limitation not disclosed before you BUY it???

    It's unfair because the smaller player can not grow, a person 2 or 3 times their size attacking them day after day after day, losing all troops every day. They cannot do anything about it. Common sense should tell you this..... Kind of hard for a 50k player to defend daily attacks against a 200k player. Again common sense.

    Daily attacks from someone 2 or 3 times another player's size in my opinion bullying, it just drives smaller players from the game. I have personally witnessed 5 or 6 players leave the game for this very reason. If some thing isn't done there will be no players left in game.

    Regardless if it is a "function of the game" there have been players banned for multiple small attacks per day which is also a "function of the game".

    i have to agree with the post as daily constant attacks for months is bullying. players are not being able to grow and getting sick this will kill this server as they play to have fun, chat to others and someone attack them and wiping them out daily "where is the fun in that" none

    smaller players dont have a chance to play the game and they are and want to leave as they dont have a chance to grow as they are being farmed so much. there is no way to send troops to another city so they can be protected as they can recall them themselves and no way of knowing what has been sent,also it can take too much corn to walk troops the time span that they are off line, so they end up having to give them away and hope they can get them back or leaving them and pray. with constant attacks on players taking goods and killing troops the player has no way to fight back, and if it is not in the rule book there is no limit and that was the only poss way, they get banned and with out warning how can this be fair, then other small players are threatened with being reported. what is the point for the small player to play, as they are just going to be constantly knocked down and i know that players have left the game as they dont see the point of playing any more. and if these players left this game what would be left??? players want to enjoy the game as it is to relax, make new online friends, chat and not to come on and be stressed as what they have done has gone with one go and to the same player as they are being used as a farm, what fun is that

    i have never played an online game and i have played many where spy mission has had a limit on it

    Hi i would like to agree with tanemahuta. players are getting banned for something that s not stated in rules. if it is an act that should not carry out why does the game itself allow this to happening, and is not in the rule book so how is it braking the rules. but players can attack the smaller players everyday for days and this may be the only way that they can hit back. i have played other games and it is seen as part of the war game.
    but clearly if against the rules of this game it needs to be stated in the rules