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    Hey MOHO,

    our tribe [BORG] on Calakmul has encountered a bug on the membership page. The page is incredibly slow and sometimes freezes up entirely. Our tribe admins no longer have the option on that page to kick people from the tribe or to retract invites. This started happening after a round of sending out invites.

    Unfortunately, now we have a rogue player we need to boot but can't.

    We've sent several messages via the support report form over the last few days but have not heard back. Please look into this soon.

    It would be helpful to be able to pin a post to the top of tribe chat. For instance, say I want to provide info to newcomers. Currently since it can only be provided in a standard tribe chat post, it quickly gets moved down the chat wall by other discussions and quite often ends up in the 'click to view more' black hole. I have to keep bumping the post to keep it at the top to ensure that folks see it. I come back in the morning to find people making several posts asking questions which are answered by the post I added but nobody saw it because it was buried.

    Maybe instead of a pinned post it could be a separate text area (Info for Tribe Members)?