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    take away the player v player aspect (at least until the tampa is up and running) and only allow the taking of prisoners from barbarian towns. this could be regulated by the number of barb survivors after the initial attacks & the luck level of the attacking player. so for instance... i attack a level 3 barb with no casualties to my raiding party but 4 survivors in the barb army... the 4 survivors could be from any section of the barb army and probably should consist mainly of non-combatants...spies, poloms, shamen, quipucamayoc & pochtecas. the higher the luck factor the better the survivor. so my attack gives me 4 survivors consisting of one or more of the latter, lets say i received 3 spies and 1 polom (never did have much luck) .... not in the face of things a game changing addition to my army but over the weeks/months would add up to a sizeable force.