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    Our whole tribe agrees you are a nutjob. I had 30 million on hand and that's all you got? Must've forgotten the poloms and Pochs is my guess.

    Like I said, great army, too bad you're clueless on how to really play the game.

    Sinistar vs Vappster

    30/12/2015 10:19 (a day ago) in: [540:385] Axolotl..

    Vappster wasn't able to contend with his enemy
    Troops Sinistar
    [Arms] Armada
    Holcan Lancer (140,000 / 140,000)
    Holcan Bowman (404 / 404)
    Atlatl Hunter (28,000 / 28,000)
    Amazon Warrior (30 / 30)
    Eagle Warrior (1,300 / 1,300)
    Jaguar Warrior (400 / 400)
    Total: 170,134 units

    [Mayans] The mayans
    Wall (24)
    Total: 0 units
    Casualties: 0 units

    LOL at 2am he launched this attack without even spying first. I guess he thought he'd catch me by surprise or something. But my comment to him certainly was not out of the blue.

    Nice army y'got there, too bad you don't know how to use it LOL

    LOL everyone knows that it's you that's obsessed with me, and your above post just proved it. It's really fun owning you in this game so effortlessly, little man. How'd your 2am sneak attack go that resulted in that post to you...shall I post the results of your failure? :D

    Not enough res or troops? Barbs not coughing up enough? LOL That's silly. You just need to be organized.

    ...btw my wife thinks the truce idea is just peachy and she said to be sure to say THANKS to you devs. I spend way too much time on this game as it is.

    I think PoktePok could be an arena like thing, where squabbles between tribes and individuals can be settled with skill. Of course, there's ALWAYS war in the event something like sport doesn't work, but it would be fun to compete in an arena like that for res and prizes. Something along the lines of each tribe or player puts up and entry fee of res or troops or even amber or turquoise, and the winner takes all :D

    Well, I'm one of those "experienced" players and I think the game has been well thought out. It isn't the number of cities that matters it's what you do with them and how you use them, position them etc etc etc.

    I encourage you devs to just keep your nose to the grindstone on things like the Tambo, and perhaps a Pok te Pok arena gladiator pvp concept among other things. The best part of this game is the community. Bullies and blowhards have already learned what will happen when a team sticks together.

    BTW, this is the BEST online game I've played yet. I invest a lot of time and effort and the results are always very satisfying.

    I know some of us would like to be able to give ourselves (or someone else in the game) a nice turqouise xmas gift. What are the chances of another Happy Hour sale this week perhaps?

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?????////// <38o

    I have another question about Nahuals. Once they hit your city and transmit back the info then what happens? Does it just disappear, or does it continue to transmit info after the fact? If that's the case, then for how long does it do that?

    I read in the post where it says the barb camps hold crystals just once and whomever gets them first gets them. My question is, when the camps respawn in the 24 hour cycle, can you then get new gems from them?